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Throughout the single year of your marriage, you were starting to regret saying the words I do.

Your husband was never there. Due to his job, he stayed gone from days to even weeks at a time. You were lucky to see him on the weekends, which was extremely rare considering how busy he always is because of work.

By now, it's eleven at night and still not a word from him...as usual. Checking your phone, you see not one call, massage, or anything else from your husband, only a blank screen with the time showing on the device. When reaching your hand out, you take notice of your wedding ring, seeing how the silver ring hits directly on the lights of the room. You don't want to look at it because it brings nothing but heartache.

Sighing, you ease up from the red, leather couch and walk into your bedroom.

You hate to admit it, but you're at your breaking point. It's not just because of his work...you can understand that, but whenever he comes home, he only ever wants one thing: sex.

You wouldn't deny him because a part of you also longed to be touched and caressed by his familiar hands; however, his touches are losing their spark. He never wants to just hold you, spend any free time with you, go on dates, or relax together. He's not the man you married, not the man that proposed to you on the beach, and not the man you promised to spend your life with. He's changed.

Taking off your clothes, you slip on a comfortable t-shirt that's on his side of the closet and go straight to bed, diving into the comfy blankets and inhaling the scent of him. It relaxes you when he's gone. It makes you feel safe from being in this massive house all alone at night, which is becoming too much to handle lately.

You're starting to feel neglected and every day the pain of loneliness is creeping closer. The feeling started off as nothing months before but escalated quickly when finding out how your husband was caring more about earning money than spending time with you—his wife, his partner, the girl he swore to make happy for the rest of her life. It hurts to know your husband, that you thought you loved, only cares about the green paper that can fill his wallet.

Shaking the thought away, you try to ignore where your marriage stands at the moment but it's difficult when that's all you can focus on. The day was exhausting, staying home and thinking about him all day made it worse. Today was your day off for the next two days, and all you wanted to do was get home and hopefully, spend time with him; however, you should've known better because he's never where he should be and that's supposed to be right by your side.

You grip onto the brown shirt that's on your body, clinging to a pillow and pretending it's your spouse instead of a soft object. You hated this feeling. You looked pathetic, holding onto a cushion to help ease your lonely nights. It's so sad.

To your surprise, you hear the bedroom door creak open. You shift up in bed instantly, looking at the door with glistening eyes.

"You're home—" Your sentence fades away when seeing not your husband but someone else entirely.

Seeing him shattered your ray of hope, completely sending you back into a depressing spell because of staying in this supposed to be a house full of love when it's only ever brought cold nights and wet bedsheets from the escaped tears that you've begun to shed.

Even now you can't hold them back as you see the guy before you. Wiping your eyes, you try to hide your feelings, forgetting about them for the moment.

"What are you doing here, Hoseok?" You ask, glancing up at him and holding back the tears.

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