1. The Sickening Betrayal

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People make a lot of assumptions.

For example, they assume that just because you went to college and got a degree, a job working in an office would just magically land on your lap.

Or they assume that just because you worked at café you didn't have said degree.

Or even, just because you didn't have an engagement ring on your finger or a sterling silver necklace with an initial or a heart, that you were single.

These three assumptions happened to me, all in the span of a single Friday morning.

As soon as they walked into the cafe, I knew they were trouble. Not to be quoting Taylor Swift or anything, but college guys, looking like them in their fancy polo shirts and expensive pants screamed 'danger' to me, loud and clear.

Since Kaitlyn was out back, talking on the phone, I was the only one up for the job, since Matt and George weren't in yet.

As I walked towards them, I studied their profiles.

Expensive clothes. Expensive watches. Dark designer shades in hand and clinically whitened teeth.

Yep, definitely trouble.

"What can I get for you guys?" I asked.

They all looked up at once and I might have nearly had a heart attack.

They were all GQ photo-shoot worthy.

"You," the one on the right answered before he winked. He had dark curls and the darkest eyes ever.

"On a plate," the one next to him answered, before brushing his blonde hair back.

"To go," the last one added as he appraised me from top to bottom like I was an item up for auction. His eyes were as blue as the Indian Ocean.

My smile instantly soured.

I knew it. Trouble.

"I'm sorry sirs," I apologized as best as I could, being mindful that they were still customers. "I'm not on the menu today and never will be."

If I thought that would have deterred them I was dead wrong.

Blue eyes chuckled lightly. "I don't see a ring. You must be on the menu."

"Yeah. And we would pay handsomely for the pleasure of your company," curls added.

"No, thank you," I replied, turning around to walk back to the cashier.

Someone grabbed my hand.

Turning around I see blonde smirking. "How much does a high school bum make in this establishment? We'll triple your hourly wager for every minute you spend with us."

"I said, no thank you," I snapped. "And I went to college!"

They laughed like that was the funniest things they'd ever heard.

"Then how come you're working here and not there?" Curls asked before nodding towards a huge building across the street.

"None of your business," I said before leaving.

Didn't they hear that to assume is just making an ass out of you and me? But mostly them.

"Oooh," blue eyes began, "hit a nerve did I?"

Just before I opened my mouth and forget that they were customers, Kaitlyn came blundering out of the store room with a wide smile.

"I got this," she exclaimed as she grabbed her book and ran over to the three pompous asses.

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