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in this story, all of bts is the same age, but different by months, i guess, i don't know.

"Ne!! unnie ^^"

"taehyung, this is my dongsaeng. really, but don't tell anyone, ok?"

"ne sunsaenim!"

taehyung and i walked out and started talking. it was interesting talk....

"Call me oppa"

"wae? i don't even know you that much."

"i am older than you, and you are my first friend, so please *pout face*"

Jiyoon was like her brother, she fell for all aegyo actions, and any romantic actions......

"arasso, but don't do aegyo on me, i don't like it" SURE you don't

"so you will call me oppa??! YES!!!"

"why are you so excited..?"

"i can't be? i have NEVER been called oppa"

"jinjja?? O.O that is unexpected."

" oh, and let me warn you i can be very wierd and alien-like." new it

"oh, and just let me remind you something, i am not someone to mess with, and i also usually never wear makeup, so don't get used to this face, i get very pissy, too."


we continued to talk... and like he said he was very alien like, but his derps and noises were cute, i have to admit that. since i was the president, i guess that was why unnie made me take care of this alien. i also just found out he was in my class. i walked in and saw all the girls FAWNING OVER another group of kingkas that was in my class, BTS. i have to admit that they were good-looking, but not as good looking as minseok oppa. i noticed that the oldest, jin, was looking at me. i stared at the girls with a death stare and, as they know, i am not one to mess with so they quietted down and sat up properly. and as i stated earlier the boys were staring at me wide-eyed.. it was annoying. i cleared my throat.

" ok guys, i am not a transfer, i just look different, but only for today, probably. AND GIRLS!!! SHUT UP!! we have a new transfer, so be nice to him."

the second i said him all of the girls fangirled in their heads probably and the boys sighed out of disappointment, probably. haha

"come in oppa."

when i said oppa girls gave me death glares and the boys stared at me with pouts like they wanted me to call them oppa. hey it is not my fault i am the youngest in my grade

then came in the giant oppa... and i thought the same thing this morning... damn it...

"this is taehyung, ok? *eyesmile cutely*"

girls: NEEEEEE~~~ ^^

Boys: ........

i seated him between jin ( _._") and I... oppa is not going to be lame i know because he is goodlooking, but i hope he won't be a kingka...but jin was talking to him, then oppa turned to me and asked if i wanted to have lunch with him, so i obviously said yes. a few minutes passed and it was lunch, so i went to tae oppa and he asked what i want. i said i wanted rice and watermelon and that was it, but he bought me that... and a freakin huge thing of chicken to share with him and 6 other people.. i was worried who those 6 other people where.

yes. i know that my chappies are quite short.. but i will update a lot, atleast once a day most likely if my sister lets me.. heheh


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