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hello!! this is my first official fanfic so i hope it isn't really boring.. hahah

jiyoons p.o.v

'jiyoon-ah, wake up!!' jiyoon thought she heard someone say, at the same time she was being shaked uncontrolably by something or someone. she opened her eyes and to her surprise it was her oppa, minseok.

"oppa -_- why u wake me up *cute pout face*"

"Because it is monday and you have school... why else?? And don't do aegyo, you know i always fall for that, but i won't so early in the morning"

"oppa, you never wake me up.. eomma does, and sometimes appa. but why you?"

"eomma and appa are going to the hospital earlier, ok, they do own it so they need to take care of it. Now get dressed and ready for school, i will give you my keys to drive yourself, i am to lazy this morning."

OH, ok oppa"

minseok didn't have school today because his teacher was getting married today. 'hmmm.. thats wierd, oppa was invited to the wedding, isn't he going to go....?' i put on my school uniform and walked out of my room into the bathroom. i applied a little bit of makeup on so i could atleast look good, not that i would anyways, but who cares, i felt like doing it for some reason today. even though i am a tomboy, i can awkwardly turn into a complete ullzang if i wore pink eeew and makeup.

oppa gave me the keys to his mercedes and i got intpo the car. when i started driving to school, my phone kept vibrating nonstop, so i picked it up so i wouldn't be annoyed half to death... it was jaedoon oppa -_-"


"very polite to your oppa, well, anyways, there is going to be a new student to noona's school, and she asked me to tell you to look after him and help him... EVERYWHERE."

"neeee oppa~ jalgayo~"

"arasso, jalga jiyoonie"

he hung up. i arrived to unnie's school, also the school i go to, but my older sister is the principal, so i am close with our principal... my unnie.

i pulled up into the school parking lot and a lot of people where staring at me... mostly the boys though erm.... and the girls where disappionted because usually my very handsome oppa would drive me, but he didn't today.

i was waling up to the school steps when a few of the kingkas in our school that are in a group called got7 walked up to me.

"are you a new transfer studant??"

"WOW your pretty!! ^^"

"whats your name?"

"do you wanna be my friend?"

i was questioned too much by some of the kingkas and some other boys that i didn't know at all... well this is awkward... i ignored them and walked up the steps more until i reached unnies office. she smiled and called me over.

"jiyoonie, i want you to guid around one of our new students, he came here from daegu, so he probably knows nothing about busan, okay?"

"ne unnie~" i agreed unwillingly, but i had no choice, she was my sister, ten years older than me, and also my principal. i sat and waited for this 'student' to come for about five minutes when i was sitting on unnies windowsil while she was making a phonecall to eomma or appa i guess. and then a tall, handsome boy around my age, but really twice my size... is THIS him..? damn he is tall.. i walked up to the student and smiled gently at him, he stared at me with giant cute eyes that you would think wouldn't be human.

"anyeong! (hi)"

"a-a-a- anyeongasaeyo"

unnie noticed him and looked at him too. she then also walked up and put her hand on my shoulder

"jiyoonie, this is taehyung, taehyung this is my friend jiyoonie, and she is younger than you, so don't be formal. jiyoonie however, be formal, even though you are helping him, ok?"

"ne unnie" i responded

"UNNIE?" he stared at me again with those eyes and tilted his head, obviously confused...

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