I woke up to the sound of my alarm beeping

"nooo " i grumbled as i rolled over and hit snooze

i led there before sitting up

" fuck " i shouted

today was the day i was moving to LA i had always lived in the UK i was brought up on a small farm in the country we had around 15 horses 12 chickens and 2 dogs i lived with my mum and sister , my mum was not a normal mum really she spent most her time out riding or on a hack and my sister well she was completely different she wasn't a farm girl she would spent most her time doing her makeup or hair or shopping with her friends and me well i was abit of both i loved my horse but i also loved shopping and all that other girly things.

i jumped out of bed and walked over to my wardrobe and picked out some joggers and a black top i slipped on my converse and started to brush my hair into a messy ponytail , i then applied some light makeup , i never wore alot of makeup just a bit of mascara and foundation

my hair was really thick and was long it came done to my hips and was brown with blonde ends i had bright blue eyes as well , i wasn't tall and wasn't skinny really i was around a size 10 in English clothing well since you know this i should probably tell you the rest my name is Ellie downes I'm 19 years old and i love horses, i wasn't to happy to be moving to LA seen as i cant take my horses with me the farm is being looked after buy my cousins when where gone , of course we will be coming back in the holidays .

once i was ready to go i packed my bag for the plane and got my dog ready for her traveling , her name was lilly she was a Pomeranian chiwawa she wasn't the typical chiwawa she was quiet and loving , she was allowed to come with us to LA along with my mums dog Luna , Luna was a husky she was the cutest ever !

( 2 hours later )

we had arrived at the airport and was waiting for our flight to be called , we had around a hour to wait , my mum had her Head in a book and Lucy was on her phone

"just going to get a magazine for the flight " i said as i walled of

i walked around looking for a shop and came across and small shop in the corner , i walked up to the magazines and started looking for one

" PENIS " someone shouted

" TITS " someone shouted again

i looked over my shoulder to see 5 young boys around my age one of them was holding a camera

i didn't take any notice and carried on looking , i found a good magazine and picked up a packet of gum while i was finding my money

i payed for my stuff and headed to the door , just as i was about to walk out someone fell on top of me making me fall to the ground

"BEAU YOUR A FUCKING TWAT " the boy on top of me shouted

the 4 boys stood around us was just stood there laughing

" um hello ? can you get of me ?" i sorta shouted sounding a Little rude

" im so sorry my retard brother here thought it would be funny to push me "

" its fine i .....i.....i " before i could finish my sentence i looked up to see a beautiful boy stood in front of me

he had brown curly hair , a cute little dot on his nose and a lip ring in , i must of looked mike an idiot just staring at him

" I'm Luke " he said smiling

" Ellie " i replied blushing a Little

" wow and i thought beaus eyes was nice " he said laughing

" what ? " i asked confused

" sorry this is beau,Jai,Daniel and James " he said while pointing to each

" hi " i said while shaking each of there hands

"so where you going ?" James asked

" um LA , i would love to talk but I've gotta get back to my mum she will wonder where i am " i said a little embarrassed

" wait what ! what flight are you on ? " beau said in shock

" umm well flight 4820 why ?"i asked a little confused

" your on the same flight as us ! do you wanna sit with us while we wait ?" Luke asked shyly

" are you sure ? i mean i would love to but can i just call my mum so she knows where i am ?" I'm sure my mum didn't care where i am i mean I'm 19 ! i only said that so i could just take this all in ! 5 hot boys have just asked me to sit with them how could i say no !!!

"that's fine " i said while walking back over to the boys with a huge smile on my face, i swore i must look like a idiot !

all the boys and me walked over to a little table by the windows i sat down and Luke sat next to me , he rest of the boys where having a chat while Luke started to make small talk with me

" so Ellie are you from the UK ?"

" yeah I've lived here all my life , i grew up on a small farm in the south , what about you ?"

" ah that sounds fun , naa I'm here for a break , I'm from Australia "

"it wasn't that fun its in the middle of nowhere ha, ah wow aus I've always wanted to go there ? what takes you to LA ?"

"i live there now ! what about you "

" oh , same really I'm moving over there for my mums job "

"well we might be seeing each other around then "

just as i was about to reply the speaker went of " all passengers for flight 4820 to LA please prepare to board "

all of us stood up and began walking towards the gate to bored the plane

" umm hey Ellie ?"Luke asked slightly nervously

" uh yeah ?"

"do you recon i could get your number so you know maybe i could show you around some time ?"

i couldn't help but smile " sure " i said while handing him my phone

" well i guess i will see you about "

" yeah , see ya " but before i could walk away Luke lent in and kissed my check

" what was that for ?" i asked blushing

" just saying goodbye " Luke said while winking

i walked towards my mum i could see nere the front of the line , she was still reading her book and Lucy was still on her phone, we boarded the plane and found our seats i sat down at the window and placed my headphones in

as the plane rolled down the runway i looked out the window thinking of Luke , Ellie stop it hes the cutest boy he could get any girl he wanted why would he choose you ? before i could think anymore i drifted into a deep sleep

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