New friends

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We arrive at an average looking restaurant and we meet up with his friends. "Ava this is Tony, Clint, Bruce and Thor." Steve introduces us. "nice to meet you." I say and take a seat. "Natasha should be here soon her mission ran a little longer then expected." Clint says. "How do you know Steve?" Tony asks "I'm his neighbor I just moved here." I answer. "When did you move?" Clint asks "yesterday." I answer. They all just give me weird looks. It's awkward for a moment until "hey guys sorry I'm late." a woman's voice says. I turn around to see Natasha.

"Natasha?" I say "Ava?" She replies. "You two know each other?" Thor asks. "This is the girl from the plane I told you guys about." Natasha answers. "Nice to see you again." She continued "nice to see you too." I reply. The waitress comes and takes our orders and leaves. "So how are you liking New York?" Bruce asks "it's so much better than L.A. plus I finally have my own place." I reply.

My phone rings and I see its my mom "excuse me one second." I say and I get up and leave the table as I answer the phone "hey mom sorry I didn't call you when I landed. I thought you would be sleeping.".

( Steve's pov)

Ava leaves the table to answer her phone and once she's gone Natasha asks "so how do you guys know Ava?" "She's my new neighbor." I answer. "She's been living in New York for a day and you already invited her out to dinner? Real smooth Steve." Natasha says "it's not like that." "What's it like?" She says "she's been living off the vending machines. I'm just trying to be nice." I answer.

"Ok." Natasha says as she sits back in her seat.

( Ava's pov)

I say bye to my mom and get back to the table. "Sorry about that." I say as I take a seat. The food comes and we all have a great time. We each pay for our food and we leave. Soon after Steve and I arrive at our apartment building. "Thanks again. It was really fun." I say as we walk in. "No problem." he says "who thought I would meet the avengers on my first day living in New York." I say and we reach our apartments. "Night... oh and where's the closest place to go food shopping?" I ask. He tells me where and we go our separate ways.

It's only about seven so I get changed, read for a bit then go to bed.

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