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I woke up and realized that I was still in my last night dress. I couldn't care less. I wanted to turn time back to yesterday! But after arguing with myself for a few minutes, I decided to get my lazy bum off the bed.

I tied my hair up in a messy bun and walked down, finding food to eat as I was starving. Then, I saw a magazine on the table with a sticky note on it saying: Alexis,read this magazine, you're featured!"

Half awake and half still dreaming, I picked up the magazine and on the cover page was of me and Dylan last night. The title states: Who is mysterious girl with the famous Dylan O'Brien last night?!

I was feeling happy yet angry. These reporters are so annoying. Argh. I picked up my phone and guess what? The notifications were blowing up. My friends were asking me what happened and I don't know how so many people knew my instagram. I checked everything and the dm's I received. They were all about people asking how I did it, whether I had Dylan's number or not.

I didn't reply to anyone of them and instead went to check my messages.

"Friends...friends...friends again...Wait a minute...who's this?"

It was an unknown number but that person knew my name! The text said: Hey Alexis! This is Dylan O'Brien! Yesterday night was amazing! Btw please don't tell anyone my number, I trust you with it. Are you free tomorrow? I was thinking of having lunch with you, what do you think?


I was freaking out inside. I was panicking. I quickly agreed to having lunch with him(of course): Hey Dylan! Haha, I didn't know you were gonna text me....Anyways, about having lunch, I'm totally okay with it, but I have school that day till 2...So what do you think?.And I promise you I won't tell anyone your number!

Dylan: Hmm... How about I pick you up after school and we go straight to lunch? You okay with that?

Me: Of course! My school is Beacon Hills High School! Do you know where it is?

Dylan: Haha I used to study there! I'll meet you at the parking lot okay?

Me: What a coincidence! Alright then, talk to you later, I gotta get ready for school!

Dylan: Bye!

Me: Byeee!

I placed my phone on the table. The feeling inside me is indescribable. I had to tell myself that I was gonna be late before finally getting ready for school. I picked out an outfit, shoes and accessories. I had my make-up done and I was all ready for school. Beth and my mum was waiting for me outside the door. They were both hurrying me because I kept getting distracted my the thought of having lunch with Dylan.

In the car, I told Beth about the message and all. What can we expect? Of course she flipped out too!

"But Alexis, how do you know that he is the real Dylan? Could be someone else who wants to play a prank on you?!"

"True... I guess we just have to see for ourselves tomorrow!"

"I gotta say Alexis, you are one lucky girl."

I smiled and realized that I reached our school's parking lot. Beth and I got out of our car, waved goodbye to my mum before walking into school.

I opened the door and almost instantly, a group of screaming girls ran towards me. My first instinct was to? RUN!!! I ran out of the door and into the carpark. As I ran, I turned around and saw tons of fangirls chasing after me. I ran and ran until finally I ran out of breath and stopped. Instantly, I was surrounded by all of them, all asking me questions, about how I did it, whether I can tell Dylan about them or if I knew Dylan's phone number. Someone even tried to steal my phone!

From the corner of my eyes, I could see Beth leading the principal to where I was. At that moment, I felt so relieved. The principal sent everyone back to class and told me to go back to class too. I thanked Beth and we both got to our class.

During History class, I received so many notes asking me the same questions. I didn't reply to any of them and they just gave me the irritated look. I knew they thought I was selfish but I couldn't betray Dylan!

After school, the exact same thing happened again, and the weird thing was, there were even guys in the crowd and they were all trying to ask me how I was so popular and whether I would like to hang out with them. Wow that escalated quickly!

I meet Beth and she had a small crowd around her too. We both walked out of school and guess what? There were random teens waiting at the carpark! Like what the.... Beth and I quickly spotted my mum's car and we looked at each other in the eyes. We decided to make a run for it. On the count of 3, we both ran like crazy towards our mum's car, followed by tons of others.

I jumped onto the car and commanded my mum to drive. Now. Right now. She drove off as quickly as possible until we finally shook them off.

"Hold on there young lady, what was that all about?"


Beth and I laughed while my mum was still in wonder. I took out my phone and checked my messages. I got a text from Dylan!

Dylan:Hey Alexis! Don't forget our lunch tomorrow! I'll be picking you up at the parking lot at 2.30 tomorrow!

I texted him back: Hey Dylan! How can I forget about this!? Anyways, I finally know how you feel everyday... I walked into school and tons of fangirls were like swarming up to me! But don't worry, I never told anyone your number:)

Dylan:Haha, I knew I could trust you!

I smiled and place my phone on my chest. I felt like the luckiest woman alive right now. I wanted this day to pass so fast! I couldn't wait for lunch with Dylan!
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