The breakup and makeup

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Four's P.O.V

"Fine, I'll do it but only because I'm not a pansycake."

Tris squealed in excitement.

"WAIT!" I exclaimed

"What's the matter?" Uriah asked. He was looking at me like he new something funny. I had to ask himabout it later.

"Does she get to dare me even though she was the one who gave me the dare?" I asked. Everyone looked at Tris.

"Well, seeing that it my dare and I made the rules, yes I get to dare you again."

I groaned. I love her, but dayum that girl can be cruel sometimes...

Like the time she shot Peter because he wouldn't tell her something shewanted to know...

I was snapped out of my memories by Tris shouting "MY TURN FIRST!" in a sing song voice.

I didn't do anything but I did give her the death glare that I do in initiation. To my suprise, she laughed.

"Doesn't work on me unless we're in training." she taunted.

I sighed. Of course not.

"Okay, Four, here's your horrendous dare. Go and find Eric..."

"Okay."  I say trying to get up. I knew I cut her off but there's no way I could do anything she dared me to.

"Nope, where do you think you're going?" She put all her weight on me. She was actually quite heavy. I suppose I could have lifted her off if I really wanted but I didn't.

"Anyway... the real dare is go find Eric and slap him. If he asks why just say 'I knew you were cheating on me with..." and say that he was cheating on you with your crush. THEN, kick him in the tummy and run back."

I stare at her mouth hanging open. She came from ABNEGATION. How can she be so good at dares and be so cruel???

I got up and slowly slid her off my lap. She follwed me. OH GOD. She's gonna be there when I admit I have a crush on her. Luckily, Uriah says "Tris, that's no fair! You've already witnessed loads. It's my turn!"

THANK GOD! Tris went back into Zeke's apartment, looking angry but pleased. I saw a flash of silver by Uriah. When I looked over he want holding anything, so I started to walk, him at my side, widdling his eyebrows. I barely noticed him wiggling his eyebrows at me, and when I finally did realise what he was doing, I decided to ignore him. I was too busy concentrating on what I was about to do. At least she wouldn't see, and I could say it really quietly, so no one could hear. 

Or Eric could just not ask why.

I found him in the center of the pit. Adrenaline is racing through my vains. I mean to slap him lightly, but the adrenaline makes me freak out and I full on hit him. Hard.

"What the hell, Four? Why the hell did you do that?"

" I knew you were cheating on me with... TRIS" I yell really loudly

Gasps echo around the room. Great.  I kick him, shaking a bit at what I've just done. Uh-oh.

Why did you do this to me Tris?

Uriah was on the balcony of the pit screaming with laughter. However, he didn't look suprised. He looked glad.

Uriah sees me watching him and shouts, VERY LOUDLY


Thanks Uri. We head back to Zeke's, feeling quite ashamed of accepting the dare, but keeping my head held high, Uriah still crying with laughter.

Then, as we enter the room and look up all the couples are making out and Marlene and Tris are asleep.

When the couples see us, they look up.

"Hey!" they all say in unison.

"Hi" I mumble back

Then, Uriah wakes Marlene. At first, she seems startled but goes and crawls in Uriah's lap. He looks pleased.

Chris wakes Tris up.

"Chris, leave me alone!" We all laugh.

""Oh... I remember now. Uriah, did you get it?"

Get what?

"Oh, yeah. Here you go." He replies as he pulls something out of his pocket and throws it towards Tris. She catches it perfectly and I see what it is. A CAMERA.


I go to take it off her, but she get up and runs to behind the sofa. I go after her.

She suddenly vaults over the sofa, and I go after her.

Some how, she manages to push me down onto the sofa.

Then she darts into the middle of the circle and presses play.

I hear my voice saying her name... Oh no.

I look up and everyone is staring at me, apart from Tris, who is sitting crossed legged, head down and blushing.

What have I done!?

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