Thank God......(You know the rest)

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I woke up with a horrible headache so bad I felt like throwing up,If this was how it felt to get drunk and wake up the next day,I never wanted to do it again.

I was laid down and I realized what had happened last night,uh oh.
I remember me and Ashton at the restaurant and then we were in his car and we were!Did we have sex?,you know what they say,kissing leads to sex but whoa in his car?I sat up looking around and found Austin laying down beside me with his hands rested on his chest.He slept soundlessly,thank god he didn't snore.To my surprise we were covered in blankets,damn this guy seemed like he was always prepared.But I had to check if we were naked...if he was,I really didn't wanna see his part,I've never seen one but my parents always said to stay away from them.I was in relieve when I still had underwear on,and he still was wearing boxers.Thank god.............

I'm still a virgin.

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