Making The (Bad) First Move

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We were approaching to Ashton's car,an old school 69 Camaro. Honestly I loved cars with nice muscle especially camaros and this one in fact was sexy,it must've cost a fortune.

"You like the car?"he asked breaking my admiration.

"Yeah um it's really nice.."I say nervously looking away.
"I've had it for a long time now,I think I'll sell her."

"I'm always available if you want to."
I say not realizing what I'm saying
"You like it that much?"
"Yeah "she's" a real beauty."
"But I have to say she isn't as beautiful as you."he winks
"Let's just go."I say hiding my big smile
"Anything you say."he says opening my door making sure I'm in all tight.
He hops in the car cranking up the engine.
Damn she sounded so nice and it was real music to my ears.
We pulled out of the parking lot heading for the nearest express way.
"Where are we going?"I ask

"You'll see."he smirks
The ride continued to be silent until he spoke up.
"So where you from?"
"Why such a question?"
"Well it's this thing called"getting to know each other",heard of it?"
"No not really."

"You're a hard to get girl aren't you?"
"You could say that."
"Let's see,you like camaros,hard to get,and you're very pretty,I'm guessin' you're from....I don't know Tennessee?"
"That's a big discrimination,you've seen pretty girls like me up there?"
"Nah I just guessed."
"Pretty good guess,that's where I'm from."

"What's your deal here then?"
"What do you think?"
"Well hell I don't know,I don't do a lot of that."
"You should."
"Life can be more free when you don't think."
"And you can get in a lot of trouble if you don't."
"That's true but not all the're a pretty serious like this all the time?"
"Pretty much."
"I don't like girls like that."

"I don't really care,you don't have to like me,you could take me back to the school though."

"There you go again,why so serious,I was only kidding."he says staring me down,and not only making contact in my eyes but making contact everywhere else.
"Don't let your eyes wander."

"How could I not,you're so beautiful."he says moving his hand to my thighs.

"Wait a minute sir,don't touch me there!,and keep your eyes on the damn road!"I say and surprisingly I just cursed.

"Sorry."he say holding his hands up in surrender,focusing on the road this time.

"Think about what you do before you do it."I say feeling bad for yelling.

"You're right."he says

Tch if this is what a first move felt like or even was,it was a bad first move.

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