You Haven't Had Alcohol Before?!

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After that the ride was silent and I felt really bad and uncomfortable.
We finally pulled into a restaurant parking lot what seemed like a hour drive.Ashton got out jogging over to my side of the door opening it.

"Only for the pretty lady."
I rolled my eyes at his commitment clearly ignoring it.I still felt like he was only in it for what was in my pants,that when this was over he'd take me somewhere,get lucky and never talk to me again.
We walk into the double doors of Taco Mac,one of the best restaurants in town.
We were greeted by a young woman.
"Hi!,how many do we have today?"
"Just two."Austin talked up to say
"Okay right this way."she happily said as she directed us to our table.
We got seated near the bar section.
"My name's Ema and I'll be your waitress,I'll be back to take your order."she said as she walked away.

We both sat down in silence as we stared down our menus.

"You don't plan to drink tonight do you?"I say in concern.

"Why not?"
"Who's gonna drive me back?"
"Drive yourself."
"No way."
"Have you ever had alcohol before?"
"......No."I say ashamed.
"Hahahahaha!"he laughed probably gaining a few glares.
"how old are you?,twelve?"
"No I just never had a drink before,it's not a big deal actually."

"Sure it isn't."
"It isn't none of your concern."I say focusing on my menu once again.

"You're gonna drink tonight."
"No way."
"Yep,you are."he says standing on his feet grabbing my arm pulling me towards the bar.
"No Ashton!"I whisper struggling to get away without gaining attention.
We're finally seated when the bartender speaks up.

"What could I do for you two today?"
"We'll take the week special."he says grinning at me.
"No we won-."I begin to say but I'm cut off
"That'll be all."he says talking over me.
"Coming right up!"he says preparing the drinks.
"I am not drinking anything!"I whisper in a angry tone
"Yes you are."
"No,I'm leaving."I say hopping out of the bar stool heading for the door but my arm is grabbed by Ashton's hand once again and he pulls me to him face to face,lips not even two inches apart.
"Yes you are."he says leaning in for the kiss.
"Move!,I said I'm leaving!"I say struggling against his arm.

"How will you get back?"he says smirking
"I'll walk."I say in strong determination still struggling against his arm.
"A thousand miles?" He grinned as i refered to his response.
"Here you go."the bartender says setting the drinks down.
"Thank you my good man."Ashton says sliding in a tip and still grasping my arm.
The bartender takes the tip and walks away and we're alone again.
Ashton glances at me then the drink,me,the drink,me,the drink.

"If you don't I won't take you back."

"You're a real asshole!"wow the real wild side was coming out of me.
"I know,now sit."
I sighed and sat back in the barstool.
"Do you know what shots are?"
I take the the shot raising it to my lips and quickly swallowing it.
"Ew!,that is nasty!"
"No it's not."he says taking his like a pro."It's only good if you take more."
"No more!"
He nods making that a yes more nod.
"Bartender!,ten more."he says still glaring at me."Five a piece."
The bartender comes back with ten shots.
"Too late."he grins
He gives me five,right after taking his.
I take one shot at a time gulping them all down,by this time I feel light headed.

Uh oh

If this is how it feels to get drunk in that case it's kind of a good feeling cause I feel like doing anything.
"Ashton,Ashton lets go back now."
"Not yet,I have a better place in mind."
He says grabbing my arm and pulling me to the car.
"Get in."he says when I refuse."Get in!"at this yell I quickly get in.
He drives even though he's drunk,and we finally reach an empty lot.
"What are we-,what are we doing here?"I say drunkly.
"Shh."he says as he leans over to me.

"What are you."I say but I'm cut off by a kiss,this kiss was passionate and it almost felt unreal like when you watch the kisses on the movies,the slow kind of kisses,the ones you sneak almost.

"Ashton,I-" I try to say in between but I can't and I give up and kiss back.He makes his way up my shirt.
"Stop it."I push away
He finally lays back in his seat sighing,just as I think he's done messing with me he grabs me and puts me on his lap.
"Stop!"I yell
He puts both of my hands on his chest.
"Don't deny this!"he yells
"Ashton stop this isn't-."he says cutting me off

"I love you Livia."he says with a sorrowful look

I wanted to believe him.....really I did.

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