Gabi's POV

I woke up early today so I can scare Ryan. I have a bunny suit from halloween that I never got to wear. I put it on and slowly crept into his room. His alarm was about to go off so I stand right infront of his face. He reaches his hand to turn off his alarm. I see his eyes start to open "AAAAAHHHAHHHAH!!!!!" I burst on the floor laughing."Oh MY GOD...That was the best.....I'm dying....." I say in between laughes. "Not cool I'll get you back for that" he says glaring at me. "As If...Hurry up were late...Leaving in 10..." I left and finished getting changed. I'm wearing high waisted studded jean shorts and a white tank top. My hair has blonde streaks and its in beachy waves. I grab my combat boots and my brown leather backpack. Ryan comes down wearing a blue pocket shirt and tan pants. He grabs a monster and quickly drinks it. We hop on our motorcycles and head off. As were driving I see somthing. Werewolf. I tell Ryan to follow me. We pull over. I start to walk towards the woods. I pull out my claws and fangs and see Ryan is already half shifted. I see somthing circling around us. After the incident last night I have grown to be more cautious. An alpha. He races towards us and Ryan steps infront of me, with one single movement he pushes the alpha into a tree. The alpha turns towards me he lundges at me but I jump into the air frontflipping behind him. I grab the back of his hair , He scratches my arm, but I hold him down and Ryan walks infront of him. "Who are you?" he says. "WHO ARE YOU!?!" he yells. "RY..Don't waste your time on him...he's just some useless alpha." I say. "Don't try anything like that again." I whisper in his ear. I snap his spine knowing that it will heal. I set him down and say "You may be an alpha, but your no match for us." I walk away stepping back on my bike. I look at my wrist and It just had to be a day when I don't have a jacket. I'll just play it off as I cut it on a piece of glass. Of course were 20 minutes late for first period.

**********At School***********

We pulled in the parking lot, I get this bad feeling. As if something bad is gonna happen today. "Hey Ry, I think we should go straight home after school. " I say with a worried voice. "What? Why? I have a date tonight, so I'll go and you can stay home. " He says "But-" "No, Gab's remember we left all the bad stuff behind, nobody knows anything were perfectly fine to do whatever we want." he says looking into my eyes. "Yeah, Your right." We walk in late, Of course its Harris's class. We just step in and Harris just happens to be staring right at us. "Your late Mr. and Miss Lycan. It's not good especially on your second day." he says being a complete jerk. "Yeah, Yeah, can't say it won't happen again cause it probably will." I say with sarcasm filled words. Ryan nudges me "Watch your toungue young lady." Harris yells. I nod with siren eyes. Harris looks at me and says "All is forgivin, you must have a great reason for being late and you are exempt from any punishment." He shows no sarcasm at all, just smiles at me. Ryan mind texts me Seducing the teacher, thats low even for you. I laugh and take my seat. I sit next to Issac Lahey in this class. He stares at me for a second or two. He looks down at my arm and says "That looks nasty, what happened?" "Nothing, Just clumsy me cutting myself with a peice of glass." He looks at me in disbelief then nods. Just my luck Harris assign's a project. Issac turns to me and says "We can work on the project tonight, my place." I nod. *********After School********

Issac comes up to me "Hey" "Hi, I'll drive you home I guess." He nods I give him my helmet and get on my bike "Uh..Can I.....Would It be okay if-..." he stutters "Yeah" I grab his hands and wrap his arms around my waist. "Hold on, I like to go fast. " I say refering to the context of my previous statement. He looks at me and a slight blush creeps to his cheeks. We drive to this weird warehouse loft. We walk in to this big open space. Issac dissapears and I see the alpha from this morning I crack my neck and growl at him. I hear a door close and I see the whole scooby gang circle around me. I shift back noticing four new faces. "Well then" I call Ryan "Ryan..I need you to come to the abandened warehouse off Route 44. Emergancy....Seraphina" I end the call and get a text Okay I'll be their in 10.....Seconds" I smile and hear someone yell "Gab's" "Up Here" I yell. He walks in sees everyone and says "What have you done?" "Nothing, but found the homocidal wolf with a death wish from this morning." I say. "So, this means they know." he says with a hidden scared voice "Yes we know" Scott says. "We can totally take them" Ryan says giving me a suggestional look. "On 3...1...2....3" We crack eachothers necks and were half way shifted. I can feel the hair grow on my face, my hair grows white and longer, about down to my butt. Everybody in the room is shifted. I look to ryan seeing his Green Royal alpha eyes, Meaning mine are out to but mine a purple. I see 1 pair of yellow eyes, 4 blue and 3 red. We connect arms giving off a white light blinding every wolf. We then Roar in unison and trust me when I say its loud The window behind us breaks along with a few sides. The power of our roar cause all the wolves to shift back. They look at us with wide eyes. We then shift back and using our vampire speed rush out. "That was close" I say. Ryan nods. We head home trying to forget about what just happened and think of an excuse to stay home tommrow.

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