Gabi's POV

I keep going to the river to play, cause I need something that can wash all the pain. And at most I'm sleeping all theese demons away. But your ghost, the ghost of you it keeps me awake.

I slam down on my alarm and realize I only have ten more minutes. I rush to my bathroom and curl my hair. I put on a white floral crop top that says "Fresh Love" and a floral skater skirt. I go downstairs to see Ryan sitting at the island drinking coffee. "WHY DIDN'T YOU WAKE ME UP!!!" I screamed hoping he would feel my ragel. "Calm down, here." he hands me a vanilla bean frapachino from starbucks. He knows how to make me forgive him. We have been living in a penthouse for 2 months now. We left the pack about a year ago. We heard Beacon Hills was the best place for werewolves so we came as fast as we could. As we were rushing out the door we grabbed our bags and hopped on our motercycles. Were the new kids. Hot new kids. Ryan was wearing a black v-neck and skinny jeans. We both have leather jackets on because its our thing. I'm wearing my moon bracelet and Ryans got it in his watch. It has a special gem inside it to hide or scent and help us when we shift. We make it to Beacon Hills High School and park our bikes. I notice three other bikes. One green dirtbike and two matching black motorcycles. We take off our helmets and start to walk up the steps. I use my hearing to see what their saying

OMG Who are they?

She's so hot

I call dibs on him girls


I smirk and judging by Ryans face he hears them too. Suddenly I smell it. Werewolves. But not only them a Kanema, Banshee and two humans. They're staring at us. They're little pack is basically burning holes in us. The perks of being a twin means I can speak to him through our minds.

Do you smell them too?

Yeah they have an Argent Gabi.

An Argent I haven't heard that name in forever, not since we killed off an Argent line. We just walk past them and keep going. I see twins standing by a classroom. I tap the cuter ones shoulder and ask "Do you know were the main office is?" I bat my eyelashes. Being royalty has its perks to. We are Tri-Hybrids. Part werewolf vampire and witch. But we also have gifts I'm part siren and Ryans a sirus. He can see they life story of anybody. I use my siren powers to make him feel attracted to me. After he stares at me for about 30 seconds he answers "Uh-sorry... It's down the hall last door on you left." I start to walk away but he shouts "By the Way, I'm Aiden" I turn back and give him a smile "Gabriella" I say and walk back to my brother.

Ryans POV

I see my sister siren'ing up with some twin wannabe. I get a closer look and see its the twins from the alpha pack. Good thing we erased their memory of our faces. If Deucalion finds us I don't know what will happen but it won't be good. I snap out of my trance to see Gabi standing infront of me. "You know their the twins right?" I say with concern. "Duh and besides it's not like they remember us." We walk into the office and see the secretary "Oh you must be the Lycan twins." we nod and she says "I see you both still need paperwork from a guardian-" I cut her off "That won't be nessescary!" I compell her and she says "Oh yes It's all here, I suppose you both want the same classes." we nod again. "Your first class is Econ with Mr.Finstock. Let me get the vice principal to walk you down." I see a man come to us and he says "Were are you to from?" My sister answers "We most recently moved from Bulgaria, but we were born in New Orleans." I nod and we start walking

Gabi's POV

We walk into the classroom and I see the pack from earlier. The twins, A curly brown haired beta, A brown eyed true alpha, the banshee, the kanema and the hunter. Everyone in the class turns to us. The vice principal says "Class theese are your new classmates Gabriella and Ryan Lycan, the just moved back from Bulgaria." I see everyone in the classes eyes widen. He turns to walk out a Finstock says "Well tell us about yourselves." I look to my brother and he gives me the sign to go ahead. Before I say anything I hear his voice in my head saying "Not too much, don't want to blow our cover." I give him a quick nod and turn back to the class I open my mouth to speak " I'm Gabriella, but everyone calls me Gabi. I speak 47 languages including Arabic and Croitian. I have a national title in Gymnastics and Kick-Boxing. and I'm one of the few people in this room with an IQ higher than 190." I smile while Finstock laughs and says "I like you." My brother than speaks "I'm Ryan. FYI were twins. I have a Black Belt in Marshall Arts and Knife throwing. I'm seventeen so is my sister. and I'm single." He winks letting them know hes available. I thought I was the siren. Finstock then says "Lycan 1," pointing to me "You'll have to sit next to....McCall" the true alpha raises his hand. I walk over and give my brother a look that says "I'll find out everything." "Lycan numero dose....Lahey." The curly wolf raised his hand and my brother walked over. The boy next to me says "Hi, I'm Scott." "Gabi, but you already know that." I can feel his lust towards me its already strong and so is Aidens its weird how quick it works. I see the hunter glaring at me and I just smile at her. Her glare turns into a confused smile. My power works on both genders. It's almost impossible to not like me. The only people it doesn't work on is my siblings. The day went by fast and I was on my way out. After I spoke fluent french to my teacher Mrs.Morell she gave off a weird essence then I relized it shes a druid. I feel some one grab my arm. Its my brother. I tell him everything I found out we get on our bikes and ride home.

Scott's POV

I could see her, she was so beautiful. I felt a tap on my shoulder. Aiden. He came up to me and said "I know were not friends, but Deucalion said two alphas just came to town." I nodded and left. I went to Derek's house and told him. It just so happened that tonight was a full moon. I heard two howls and new it was the new alphas. Derek looked at me and called his pack. Erica, Issac, Boyd, Derek, Peter and I went to find the Alpha's. We got deep in the woods, I saw them. Their white haired alphas. Peter looked at me and said "It's not possible!" They ran off just in time.

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