Gabi's POV

I wake up this morning trying to forget everything from yesterday. I go downstairs and see Ryan pacing by the coffee table. I turn to start walking to the kitchen. When I hear a loud thud. I turn and see Ryan with his fist in the glass cofee table.

"Woah Ry calm down. Don't take your anger out on our new coffee table."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Maybe I wouldn't be so mad if you didn't blow our cover, now they know its us."

"HEY, its not my fault okay, were the strongest alphas out there don't let the moon tonight cloud your actions!"

He just stomps off and I here his bike turn on and pull out.

I quickly get dressed in a white tanktop brown shorts and a cream cardigan. Then head off too.


I knew I'd have to do something. I walk into econ and heads turn to me. Specifically the scooby gang. I head to my seat and hear Finstock pipe up.

"Lycan....Where's your brother?"

I have no idea but to confuse them all I spread my smirk into a devilish grin

"I have absoulutly no idea Bobby why don't I go look? I use my siren eyes to put him in the trans. He stares at me for a split second before smiling

"Yes, Of course Miss Lycan, Your exempt from this period feel free to come back when you can."

I grab my stuff and see everyone staring at me with wonder. I smirk and walk out. I hear the buzz cut boy say "Bobby, He doesn't let anyone call him that." My smirk turns even bigger before I listen for my brother. I hear cellphones pinging and teachers talking before I finally hear him. I wish I didn't. He's feeding. I rush to the closet he's in a rip him out. I see the girl fall to the floor. I quickly compel her to clean herself and forget about this. I turn around to see my hotheaded brother

"What is wrong with you. You can't do this and you know it." I scream at him.

"What! Your not mom. I'm the older one I can do what I want!" He screams back by now everyone one is standing outside watching us. Thank god he doesn't have blood dripping down his chin. I brush past him but softly say

"Not when you get the rest of us killed." I walk out of the school but I hear footsteps behind me. Twins. They're following me. I walk into the woods only to see the alpha from yesterday. I growl at him and he puts his hands up in surrender

"Hey, Hey, I'm not gonna hurt you."

I smirk and say "As if you could ever hurt me. If you look your track record is the best when fighting me."

"Ah yes the girl who broke my spine, I do love it when that happens." He says with sarcasm oozing from his voice.

"Thanks let's do it again sometime." I say turning to go back to school but the twins step in my way.

"Oh, now that you brother isn't here your afraid. Well I'm afraid you can't go back to school. You need to leave Beacon Hills."

I look at him in disbelief. I turn back to him and walk up so were just inches from eachother. I lean in to his ear and brush my lips against it

"My brother is recklass, sloppy and a pain in my butt, but I most certainly don't need him to beat you." I've frozen him to his spot using only a spell my kind can do. I turn around to the twins and see them staring at me in awe. I wave my hand over them and freeze them too. I start to walk off but turn back and say

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