all you can eat

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Harry really needed to get off, and when he started waking up with an achingly hard cock he decided he finally had to acknowledge his sexual frustration and get himself laid. He felt like a teenager going through puberty again, and it was all thanks to history class.

The subject genuinely confused him, he always got the dates and wars mixed up and their reason for fighting in the first place just never seemed to make sense. Normally he would have used the class to sleep and forced Zayn to tutor him on a whole years' worth of material an hour before the final test, but this history class was not like that. Harry was actually motivated to pay attention, and not only because he was in uni and paying for the course.

It was actually because of his history teacher, Professor Tomlinson. Professor Tomlinson was without a doubt the hottest teacher ever, not to mention the fact that he was also a vampire. Not that being a vampire was uncommon, Harry was actually one of the few humans at his mostly vampire attended university.

Professor Tomlinson, (Louis when Harry was creepily talking about him,) was exactly Harry's type, so much so that seeing his face once was enough to make Harrys sexual frustration even more intense than it already was. Louis had soft caramel hair that was swept to the side in a "hot mess" way that made Harry want to cry, but most things Louis did had that effect on Harry. Louis had pretty blue eyes that looked like the inspiration for a poem about waves that Harry knew he would fuck up if he tried, (he's tried). When it came down to it, Louis had a pretty everything, he could be flashing his fangs and he'd still look pretty. Louis was the kind of pretty that made Harry want to bend over a desk with his ass high in the air until Louis got the hint.

Harry had never really been subtle, if he wanted something, or someone he tried to make it very clear. He didn't like wasting time engaging in small talk when that time could be used in a much better way. Harry would prefer to spend the majority of his time with a big cock balls deep inside him, but that was just his personal preference.

Harry's problem was, you could not be blunt nor sexually forward with your hot teacher, no matter how much you wanted to. Harry couldn't just straight up ask Louis to cure his sexual frustration; he had learned that the first week of Professor Tomlinson's class.

Harry had been gathering up his books, getting ready to head back to his dorm and collapse (since unlike all the other people in the class, he was not a vampire and a class that started 10:30 at night was rough,) when Louis approached him.

"Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself. Obviously I'm Professor Tomlinson; you've been in my class for a few days now. But you're a new face; usually this class is only juniors and seniors who I've had before. You are..?" Louis had a nice voice, Harry noticed, even nicer when it was talking directly to him.

"Legal." Harry didn't know what came over him, maybe it was because he was tired and horny and this was his golden opportunity. Harry had watched enough porn to know that any minute now Louis would be scolding him for being such a bad boy and telling him to bend over the desk.

This wasn't porn, and Louis did not ask Harry to bend over the desk. Harry would've done it anyways, but something told him that Louis would not appreciate it at this given time.

Louis' mouth twitched, and Harry couldn't tell if it was trying to hold back a smirk or a grimace. "I was talking about your name." Louis muttered, complete with gritted teeth that made it clear that Louis was trying to hold back a grimace and not a smirk.

Louis' lack of enthusiasm was a definite hit to Harry's dignity, and because of that Harry hugged his books closer to his chest, almost shyly. His ego seriously deflated, Harry muttered out a soft, "Harry."

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