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Denice Balbin is a naughty, silly and bubbly girl since birth. Only her family and friends could stand her. She also known as 'Conyo girl' because of the way she speak.

Estivan Roosevelt is a low-tempered guy, he quickly get irritated and he hate mischievous people. Only his family could see the soft spot on him. Not even his friends. He hated his name but he loves her family.

One day came to his life and he met again the same irritating woman he have ever met. The woman who left him when they were just a kid and now they meet each other again, she acted like nothing happened before. Like she didn't left him, when he already have a feelings towards her. Because of that thought, he hated her, he mercilessly pushing her away.

Denice can bear everything he do. She have crush on him, yes. And she let him do whatever he wanted to do with her. But it doesn't mean that she's numb, that she can't feel pain. She's hurting too. She's just a human who have feelings too.

One day she woke up and realized that Estivan already reach her limitation. She think, it's time for her to stop chasing a man who doesn't want her. It's time for her to wake up to the reality that she will never ever have him.

He already have her, but he lose her....

No! she will never walk down the aisle, unless it's me who's waiting for her and will bring her to the altar.

I Will Make You Mine, again...


A/N: Estivan and Denice is coming to town soon! Stay tuned sa story nila. I'll make sure na hindi ko kayo paghihintayin ng matagal. Nae-excite na rin ako isulat sila kaso may on-going pa akong dapat tapusin kaya focus muna ako doon.

I hope you all wait for my next update. I don't have a specific date by now, but I'll make sure I'll write this as fast as I could. Stay tuned!

Thank you for staying with me darlings, I appreciate it alot. (。♡‿♡。)

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