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April 20th, 2015.

|Camille's POV|

"Babe, can I hold him now?" I asked. We took Bj home two days ago, ever since then Brandon has had him. He's changed him, bathed him, fed him. He even got up in the middle of night when he cried.

I wanted a part in this too! But Brandon was being selfish. I carried him for nine months, I should be able to hold him at least.

"Why can't you just rest, like most females after birth?" He asked, giving me the stank face.

"It's my baby!" I nearly yelled, as he began making faces at him.

"It's more of my baby than yours." He said. "If it wasn't for my sperm, coming in contact with your eggs then he wouldn't be here. Ain't that right, little man?" He smiled.

Bj started kicking his legs, making me smile a little. I like how Brandon communicates with him, even if I don't get a chance.

"Please baby! I've only held him once since I birthed him, give me him!" I whined.

"Ugh!" He groaned. "Five minutes."

I rolled my eyes, taking Bj from him. I must admit we made a beautiful creation.

Bj looked up at me with his big green eyes, which he got from my side of the family, and started to smile. This little boy was my world, I'd do anything for him.

"Aww, look at mama's baby." I cooed, rubbing his silky hair. He giggled as an reaction, making me blush a little. I love my chubby man.

"Alright, okay. He's getting too happy with you, give him back." Brandon demanded.

"No." I mumbled. "I just got him."

"Give me my son Camille, damn." He scolded.

"It's my son too! You're so damn selfish, I swear." I said, rolling my eyes. He always catches an attitude when somebody else is holding the baby.

Bj began to whine, eventually that turned into crying. Brandon got up and took him from me, and Bj stopped whining immediately.

"See." Brandon laughed. "He don't fuck with you like that, so back off."

I flicked him the finger as Kareem and Kirya walked in. Yes, we still lived with my dad, we can't seem to find something we like. Plus, I like being around the guys.

"Why you gotta be so damn dumb? I swear you act stupid as hell sometimes!" Kareem yelled. I didn't even notice they were in an argument.

Kirya just shook her head at him. Whenever Kareem yelled at her, she never said anything. She'll get this sadden look in her eyes, then she'll go upstairs by herself.

Sometimes I'll get in it and tell Kareem to chill, because that shit ain't cool. But hey, Kirya is going to have to speak up eventually too. I can't help her forever.

I'll have to sit her down one day and talk to her, big sister to little sister. I know what it's like not to have a voice. Thank God, everything has changed.

"Aye boy, watch your mouth." Brandon warned him. "My son in here and if he start crying, I'ma go get that leather. You ain't too old for a ass whoopin."

"Yeah, whatever." He mumbled walking back outside. I wonder about that boy sometimes.

"Little nigga gon' get fucked up." Brandon mumbled. "Tell em little man, he don't want it from the Williams." Bj smiled, making spit bubbles.

I smirked as Brandon continued to play with him. Suprisingly he isn't tired yet.

"I'm going to go shower and stuff like that." I told him.

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