Chapter 6 - Ashstar's POV

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I'd like to thank TheRussetNightingale for making this chapter! I did make some changes but the plot and most of the chapter is made by her! :3
{*This chapter contains large amounts of swearing*}

I blinked open my eyes to an unfamiliar setting. I was alone under a rock with lichen covering the opening. I was just in StarClan! Where am I? Confused, I licked my pelt clean and exited the den. The lichen tickled my back, making me jump forward in surprise.

"Oh look everyone, it's our mighty leader, Ashstar." A tom grumbled. I whipped my head around to meet eyes with a brown mottled tom. He rolled his eyes, and I got the feeling he was being sarcastic. So... I'm leader?

"Listen up!" I yowled, then jumped back a heartbeat later. What's wrong with my voice? It was a higher pitch than I was used to, like a she-cat's.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LISTEN!" A grey tom yowled. I dipped my head to him. Flatheadscrewdriver. I was taken aback by how I knew his name - not to mention the oddity of it. His language is vulgar and unusual, I thought. "EVERYONE, SHE'S TRYING TO FUCKING SPEAK SO LISTEN UP!" I sent him a warning glare. The kits could pick up such filthy words...

Very few cats actually paid attention to Flatheadscrewdriver and sat before me, their eyes filled with boredom and impatience. I looked around the marshy camp and leaped onto a raised, mossy log.

"We're waiting," a black tom hissed. His bright blue eyes were dull and swimming with impatience.

"Keep quiet, Emolight!" I snapped. I didn't know how I knew his name once again, but I shook it off. If I was leader, I needed to do the leader's responsibilities. "Does any cat know where Uglystick is?" I sighed, remembering he was my deputy. What a good deputy he is, not being here when I gather the Clan.

"I'm right here, for DeadClan's sake." He mumbled, padding forward. "Did you organize the patrols?" I asked with narrowed eyes.

"Who gives a fuck?" A small she-cat snarled grumpily, padding out of what I assumed was the apprentice den. Agonypaw. Uglystick cuffed her ear. "I don't give a fuck that nobody gives a fuck! Try to give a fuck, shut the fuck up, and listen the fuck up!" My voice rang around the camp and my eyes widened. I have so much power... It's so... Great! Finally. The apprentice twitched her tail crossly but didn't comment.

"I would like -" Random cats' names popped up in my head. It still felt odd - and annoying - to hear a she-cats voice come out instead of a toms. "Leafleaf, Whocaresheart, Rejectedmind, and Hateyourface to go on a hunting patrol closer to AssClan." As the patrol set out - groaning and moaning - I felt strangely excited. A shiver ran down my spine as all the power I had set in.

IdontgiveashitClan... Leafyleaf... Emolight... Hateyourfaceheart... AssClan... What kind of names are they? They're nothing like the names in... LighteningClan? No... What was I thinking about? But whatever it was that I couldn't remember, it didn't seem to leave much more than a pang in my heart because soon I had forgotten about the whole thing.

"I'll take Donthatemecauseyouaintme and Shutthefuckuppaw on a patrol. Uglystick, you can take care of the rest of the patrols." I announced. It was so odd to have such language come out of my mouth. These cats were familiar to me now, but at the same time, it was the most alien feeling in the world to brush pelts with them.


"There's a thrush," Donthatemecauseyouaintme whispered; his fur rippled in excitement. A white bird pecked at the ground, and Shutthefuckuppaw crouched silently and steadily. At the last moment, I caught the scent of a rival Clan.

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