The whole group and I have a rodeo at Riverflow Stables in two weeks. Everyone is psyched and ready for it. We've all been practicing nonstop for the past month and a half. Most people wouldn't practice this hard but there are rodeo officials there that give you points to see if you go to regionals.

With Riverflow just two weeks away, Mia and I have had Leo and Lucky practicing 2 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the afternoon. If we think our mount is tiered, we water him and take him to the indoor arena to cool him down. Some of the other riders have come down to the outdoor arena to practice while we have been there. And that rider we saw, had to be the meanest. She came right up to us and told us to get the crap out of her arena! I swear if I get my hands on that little weasel I will tear her limb from limb! 

On a totally different note, RIVERFLOW IS IN TWO FLIPEN WEEKS!!! Like I said non-stop practices. Oh I forgot to introduce you to Mia and I. I am Alexis and I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I am tall and proud. Mia is a strawberry blonde with the bravery of a lion and the heart of a bull rider. We make a great team and when I get to head strong, she comes to help. We've been best friends ever since my mom died mysteriously when she went for a trail ride one night. 

That's me and Mia for yall. Now time for the guys. The first one is my older brother, Jackson Voyage or Jack for short. He is a roper and a steer wrestler. His horse's name is Neon Light Showoff or Showoff for short. Next is Mia's big brother, Russel Lanchester. He bull rides and ropes. His horse's name is Bluebell and I think that horse is a brat. I had to ride her when Leo was sick and I had to hit the horse so it would straiten up, not go faster. Then there's Mia's "guy" friend Ethan. He just comes to help but he sucks at everything. Lastly, there's my best friend that's a guy, and his name is Jonathan. He does it all! He bull rides, barrel races, pole bends, ropes, steer wrestles, and still finds time to eat, sleep, take care of his two horses Simba and Devil, and hang out with me and Mia. 

So ya see, my friends and brother are part of the rodeo club. We all do something to help each other around our trailers. And BTW Jonathan is not cute to me. He is just my friend, OK.

A/N: That is Alexis at the top^^^^

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