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Victoria's POV:

I went into the motel bathroom and saw my jaw was black and purple and my lip was busted open.

Why would the guys make such a big deal over me. I sat on the bed and sighed

After about five minutes there was a knock on the door. I opened it and there was a man there that I've never seen.

"Nice to see you Victoria." The man said. He blinked and his eyes turned black. Just when I thought he was alone Jessalyn popped out of nowhere. The man pinned me against the wall, his hand on my throat.

"Where are the Winchesters?" He said.

"Why would I ever tell you?" I said.

"Because of you don't then you can be tortured just like your family members that are alive." Jessalyn said.

"Leave them out of this!" I growled.

"Plus what's it to you about the Winchesters?" I asked.

"Well sweetie you see they have all of hell searching for them because they are important." The man said.

Jessalyn closed the door and locked it.

"So are you gonna tell us where they are? Or will we have to do this the hard way?" Jessalyn asked.

"Oh feisty. I like." The man said. I gagged. Jessalyn grabbed a knife and held it up to my throat.

"Dot even try to scream. Or you will be dead." She said.

"Wasn't planning on screaming anyways." I smirked. She took the blade and cut my arm. I gasped.

"Well that wasn't very nice." I said.

"Oh pipe it! Where are the Winchesters?" She yelled.

"Why would I ever tell you?" I asked.

"Cause I'm the one with a knife." She smirked.

"You really think your the only one?" I said and stabbed her with a knife. She screamed and fell on the floor dead. Then I killed the guy who was with her.

I grabbed my stuff and left the motel as fast as I could. I went to the next motel and sat in the bed.

I wish non of this happened. I love both the guys. There very sweet. I sighed and looked at the clock. 12:34.

I decided to go to bed. But my sleep didn't last very long since I woke up again to someone knocking on the door.

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