Days after the tour
*September 5, 2014*

Finally off this goddamn tour, Dan & I are back home. After ending it Trevor, I made love to Daniel and I'm about two weeks pregnant. I haven't told Dan yet because I'm afraid that he might not want the baby. I love him and I want our baby but after what happened on the last day of the tour Dan has been kind of standoffish. I know he regretted the first threesome we've had, but he doesn't have to shut me out. He knows how I feel about being ignored..

"He won't talk to me!" I cried to Mama J. "He hasn't talked to me since the tour ended." She rubbed my arm, rocking side to side. "What if he doesn't want it? What if he doesn't want me!?" I broke down. "Have you told him?" She asked. I shook my head frantically. "He's not answering my calls..." "What did you do that was so bad for him not to talk to you??" I was silent, aside from my crying. Then I heard Russ & Miley coming in. "What's wrong with Y/n?" Miley asked. "Diggy has been ignoring her for the past two weeks and she's pregnant.." "WHAT!?" Miley's eyes lit up & she smiled. Atleast I'm not the only one happy about this pregnancy. "Aw, suck it up!" Russ chuckled. "You act like you gon die. Dig ain't gotta talk to you every second of everyday.." "SHUT UP RUSSELL!!" I yelled at him. "He doesn't know.." Mama J told him. He shrugged. I sniffled & got up, pushing him out of the way. "Screw you!" I left. I really need to talk to Dan & tell him about the baby. Hopefully he listens...


After Y/n broke it off with me, I was fuckin miserable. I couldn't let her go & I wasn't finna let her go that easily. I told Diggy that she still been fuckin round & she hooked up with ol' dude in Baltimore, Jacob & me. Nigga was pissed out his pants. I'm petty as shit & I don't give a damn! I got what the fuck I wanted. But right now, I'm in Washington, DC with Malaya. I told her about Y/n & she said that me and her could work things out. I kinda glad I ran into Malaya, she keeps a nigga level headed....and her head game is incredible.

"C'mere ma.." "What d'ya want?" Malaya said, walking over to me. I pulled her into my lap. "I just wanna thank you..." "For what??" She asked. "For bein here with me, for not givin up on me....just goin the things ya do.." She smiled & kissed me. "Of course....I plan on keeping you mister!" I chuckled. "I think it's a little too early in the season to start cuffin.." "Oh I'm cuffing you all year long!" I chuckled again & pulled into a kiss, feeling up her shirt. She moaned. "Trevor stooop!" I pulled her shirt off. "We got some time.." I laid her down. "You know you can't resist the temptation." She moaned out.


I've completely fell of the deep end. I can't even look at myself the same. I distant myself from everyone....my family, my friends, Y/n. It's mostly her fuckin fault any goddamn way. I haven't talked to her since we got back home. She keep trynna get me to talk to her, but I ain't trynna hear shit she gotta say. I lock myself into my writing or in the studio.....removed all mirrors, broke my front camera on my phone. Just can't look at myself. I love Y/n. On God I do, but she know how I get when we argue or when she piss me off....I can't control my shit. But she came to the studio, she been trynna talk to me for bout an hour now.

"Would you just talk to me!?" She yelled. I ignored her, still fuckin with the sound table. She walked over to me & snatched my chair around. "Daniel! Please talk to me!" She practically whined. I was silent. She climbed in my lap. "Daniel, I'm pregnant. I'm pregnant with your baby! Baby, it's yours." "How would you know?" I snickered, shaking my head. "Because I know." She stroked my cheeks. "Daniel, you're gonna be a father.." She smiled & kissed me. I held her waist & rubbed her stomach with my thumb. I leaned down & kissed it. I looked up at her & she was smiling. I smiled back & held her close. She whispered softly in my ear. "I love you daddy." "I love you too babygirl."

And to think....all this shit started with Tour Love.


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