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All I'm Really Asking For Is You! : A Diggy Simmons Short Story by twistedjetsetterff
All I'm Really Asking For Is TheJSG
You are in a relationship with an abusive boyfriend, Kodie Lewis. No one understands you or knows what you're going through besides your little sister, Nichole & your be...
New Life (Sequel to Unfaithful) by twistedjetsetterff
New Life (Sequel to Unfaithful)by TheJSG
Finally happy & married, with a beautiful family. Hiding secrets, jugging careers & dealing with people trying to separate the two of you. But most importantly, doing th...
Take Me As I Am (Revised) by CrypticHeart97
Take Me As I Am (Revised)by Sunshine
"Oh you a feisty one? That's cool, I love my girls feisty. Do you know who I am sweetheart?" "Not really but my sisters told me you do music, but do you k...
I fell in love with you. I don't know why? I just did (Diggy Simmons love story) by Nani_x3
I fell in love with you. I don't Nani_x3
My first ever story I'm writing its on Diggy Simmons that's da baeeeee! lol kay enough talking check it out and lemme know wassup does it suckkk or wahhhh????
4 Letter Word by L0velyalexis
4 Letter Wordby L0velyalexis
Jessica Jarell is her name. My heart, My mind, My Soul, My time.... I love her dearly.... Thing is her father doesn't like me at all....
LoveEmotions~DiggySimmons by Fanfiction2001
LoveEmotions~DiggySimmonsby FanfictionWorld
When someone stirs a world of emotion in you and it's so intense you can barely stand to be with him. [old book on @kiah7701]
Our little family by L0velyalexis
Our little familyby L0velyalexis
Daniel Simmons & Jessica Westbrook had been friends since the first day of middle school. When one day in high school they get a little to freaky..
if it isnt love by heartbreackcity
if it isnt loveby heartbreackcity
izzy and diggy been friends for a long time. Izzy got feelings for him and he got feeling for her but he with a HOE her name jessica jarrell. lets see how this shit work...
From Beginning To End ( Editing ) by blvckhippiie
From Beginning To End ( Editing )by blvckhippiie
letting a girl know that she is beautiful is the most uplifting gift that a guy can give. But accepting that you ARE beautiful yourself is all the more beauty in it self.
Straight A's by UDN_Squad
Straight A'sby UDN_Squad
Four girls Almaniya, Asia, Alysiaa, and Aliylah couldn't stand the sight of eachother stealing, fighting is what drew them apart. That one day only fate brought them to...