Chapter 6 scott

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I turned around and.. It was.. Scott.
My cheating ass EX-BOYFRIEND
How much he can hurt me in such little time.
"Hey baby im back" he said.
"You missed me?" He said.
"O-of course I missed you loads" I said.
"You don't look surprised" h said.
"No trust me I-I am, where did y-you get the g-gun" I asked.
"From the police storage, I just stole it cause I thought it was cool" he said.
"I need to go to the bathroom real quick your favorite snacks are in the closet" I said. He ran towards the closet and took the. All out.
I ran up to my room and shut the door and went into the bathroom and shut the door.
"Samm--sammy answerrr" I said to my self.
"Sammy!!" I said.
"Izzy, what's wrong?" He said.
"Long story short, my EX boyfriend is back and he's in my house right now he just got out of jail" I said.
"Shit. Hold on ill be right there" he said and shut the phone.
"Oh, ISABELLE?" He said while knocking on the door.
"I'll be right there give me a minute" I said.
I sent a quick message to Nash tellin him what's going on. I opened the door.
"Sorry I took so long I don't know what I ate that made me feel sick" I said.
"You wanna cuddle and watch a movie?" He said.
"Sure" I picked his fav. Movie and put it in the drive. We started to watch the movie and talk and eat.
'He has a gun' is what I texted Sammy quick just to let him know.
"I've missed you" he said.
"I've missed you to" I said. To be honest I loved him a lot we were together for 3 years. The first couple of months everything was cool, until he started partying a lot, and getting drunk. That caused him to hit me, he would slap, kick or even punch me really hard. He wouldn't even say sorry.
We heard the dire open downstairs.
"What was that?" I said,
"Stay here I'll go check" he said.
He went outside of my room and shut the door. I quickly opened my window. And throw a wire. I jumped down and got in my car.
"Holy shit" I said. Sammy came out the door. Without Scott. He ran into the car.
"Where's Scott?" I said.
"He's on the ground, the police are on there way" he said.
The police finally came they said they have been looking for him for a very very long time. We went into the house to show the, where he was.
But he was no where in the house. Not even a clue to show where he could be. Everything of him was all gone...

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