After the show
*Driving around*

"Where're we going??" Y/n asked me. I was silent. "DANIEL!" "Yes....?" I finally spoke. "Where are you taking me!?" I glanced over at her, then back at the rode. "Do you really care?" I questioned. "YES NIGGA, I CARE!!" She raised her voice. "You know yo ass is crazy!" "Hmm.." I nodded, still looking at the rode. "Really?" She sighed. I chuckled to myself. I glanced over at her. Her arms was folded & she was looking out the window. I laughed. "Fuck you.." I heard her mumbled. I pulled over. "C'mere then.." She snapped her head around & glared at me. I smirked at her. She rolled her eyes & turned her head. "If you don't go!" I chuckled & slowly drove onto the highway. We're going to visit my grandparents, my moms parents. I ain't see them in a while & they keep asking bout Y/n so that's where we going....they still live in Queens. Then I felt a hand slowly running up my leg. "I thought you was mad at me?" I teased. "Don't fuck with me Daniel.." She said. "You know I can't keep my hands to myself..." I chuckled. "That's what they all say." She stopped. "Who else been touching on you!?" She rose her voice. I shrugged. "Daniel, please don't try me.." I glanced over at her. "Tried.." I looked back at the road. "URGH!!" I smirked to myself.

About 2 hours later
*At Diggy's grandparents house / In Queens*

"Hey pops.." I gave my grandpa a man hug. "How you been?" I shrugged. "I been cool..." He nodded & we walked into the family room. "Hello little miss quiet.." I snickered. Y/n sly slapped my leg. She smiled. "Hi." She's too damn shy around my grandparents....maybe cause my grandma intimidates her. I just laughed. They actually like her, they just show tough love. It feels like hell at first, but you eventually get used to it. I told Y/n that. She ain't believe it, she just laughed & tried to change the subject. "How's life?" My grandma asked, directing her attention to Y/n. "It's wonderful.." She smiled, looking over at me. I smirked & winked at her. She blushed. "Cute.." I laughed. "C'mon grams....be nice." "Mhmm.." She snickered. I just laughed. I swear, they play this shit off too good. "Okay okay..." I laughed, damn near falling off the sofa. "Cut the charade.." They looked at each other & laughed. Y/n rose her eyebrow. Grams sighed happily. "Thank God! I didn't know how long I was gonna be able to keep this up." Y/n gasped, then narrowed her eyes at them. "Now that's just wrongggg!!!" We all laughed. "Had me thinking that y'all didn't like me this whole time.." She shook her head.

"We just show touch love sweetie.." Grams said. "Now it won't be as harsh.." Y/n nodded. "Yes ma'am.." "We actually ask about you a lot." Y/n rose her eyebrow. "Really??" She looked at me. They nodded. Y/n smiled. "They like me, they really like me..." She squealed silently. I chuckled. "A mess..." "I'm cooking Dinner, are you guys hungry?" Grams smiled. "That's what that delicious smell is.." Y/n & my grandma shook their head. "My only problem with him.." Y/n giggled, still shaking her head. I winked at her. "Only way to a man's heart is through his stomach." "Say it again!" I agreed. We all laughed.


"Oh my God, this is delicious!" I said, with a mouthful of food. "Thank you sweetie." Dan's grandma smiled at me. "I don't mind cooking. You'd get more if Daniel came around more often.." She looked over at him. He chuckled. "I'm real busy. If I could granny, I would." He told her. "I just got a lot going on." "Trynna be like your father..?" His grandpa spoke up. "Better.." "Go big or go home." I added. They smiled.

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