Chapter 12: The beast inside

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Prince Eric's POV

I wring my hands in anticipation, waiting for the mysterious girl's surgery to be done with. My footsteps echo through the hall on the tile floor. The air is musty and smells of saw dust and blood. What if she never wakes up?

Pushing the thought out of my head, I pace a but slower and take a deep breath.

"My liege," A nurse steps out of the cream hospital doors. "We are done with the surgery and-"

"And what?" I interrupt hastily.

"She seems to be quite healthy, no infections. She might be asleep for a couple days though." The nurse looks down as she speaks.

"Is there something else?" I press. She shakes her head quickly. "There is, isn't there?"

"Well yes but-" She squeaks

"Well then spit it out!" I boom and she shudders. "Listen, I must know what is wrong with her." I smile more gently.

"Why don't you see for yourself, my liege." She swiftly pushes the dire open and bows her head.

I rush into the hospital and something guides my towards her bed. The doctors give me skeptical looks, bit let me see her. They pull the curtain away and I gasp. Her arms and legs are covered with bruises and scars. Her hair is gone and a white bandage covers her head. She shudders in her sleep and her ghostly pale face contorts. I look a little closer. Something inside me boils up as I examine her arms.

What monster could have done this to her?

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