Authors Note:

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Ok future me here. What's good fam. If you are new to my work, and are here because you need some KNB x reader action, I would like to warn you about the following things:

Like any author, my first stories are actual shit. There's a lot of grammatical/spelling errors. I'm tired of you annoying ass people reminding me of how bad it is. Unless its constructive critism, don't comment about your distaste for it. Ok? Thanks. I know my first few stories are cringey and are actual trash LOL. I don't need reminders.

I suggest you read this book manga style. From the recent chapters and go down from there, then stop when it gets too cringey and then go to the recent ones and wait for updates (if u like my recent work that is. If not. Then good for u nobody is forcing u to read.)

That's all I wanted to say I am sorry if I come across as rude if you're new. I just get too much bs from people all the time and it makes me really pissed off.

Anyways, have fun reading!~ ❤
- Bishounenlover

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