O n e - Introduction

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Mark stood barefoot and in his bathing suit, he was in the process of moving his clothes from his room to the adjacent room- a small wardrobe somehow refurnished into a single bedroom. The two rooms were separated by a ruined wooden door with cracks all over it. Yeri, who was about the same age as him layed comfortably on the bed.

It was obvious that the two of them had been at it together because of how disheveled the girl looked.

Mark walked to the window and looked down at the car that pulled up below and blew large clouds of dust as it stopped in front the villa's main entrance. A tall young man stepped out of the car, he wore a billowy bright blue shirt with a wide-open collar and dark sunglasses. He was another one of his father's temporary summer assistants.

The new summer resident was followed by the handy man and gardener of the house, Doyoung. "The American." Mark mumbled to himself, Yeri jumped up to come and stand next to him, looking down too. Doyoung appeared below again and he was followed by the Lees who introduced themselves to the male. Professor Lee, Mark's father, was in his fifties, distinguished and vigorous, his wife who went by Mrs. Lee was in her mid-forties.

"Where's Mark?" Mark could hear his mom from his spot above. "I'd better go down." Mark patted Yeri's back before walking out to the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs he could see the male being walked into Professor Lee's study. His suitcase and backpack lied on the wooden floor nearby. Mrs. Lee saw Mark approach and gestured towards the deserted bags, "Help bring Johnny's things up to your room."


Mark entered his father's studio looking at Johnny who sat on the sofa far away, drinking a glass of fresh water. Even though he was exhausted by the heat, he managed to remain elegant and somewhat iconic. Professor Lee introduced the two of them formally and they shook hands awkwardly. "Mark, Johnny. Johnny, Mark."


"Hi." Johnny sounded extremely non-commital.


Johnny and Mark headed up the stairs together, Mark lunged for the heavy suitcase and Johnny took the light backpack. "My room is now your room. I'll be next door." Mark spoke as Yeri went down the steps, she went the opposite direction to them. There were some more awkward introductions in the middle of the stairs.

Johnny was curious about her and looked back as he continued up, she looked back after he did. He was quite the upgrade from last year. They entered Johnny's bedroom and without second thought Johnny dropped his backpack and crashed on the bed, exhausted. Mark layed the suitcase next to the bed before talking.

"We're sharing the bathroom, it's my only way out.." But Johnny wasn't listening because he was already asleep. Mark walked out and closed the door that separated the two rooms.


In front of the kitchen was a fruit orchard with a variety of fruit trees. Jungwoo washed the dishes inside, he was in charge of the domestic duties of the place and he was virtually a member of the family. Jungwoo looked out the kitchen window and saw one of the trees shaking, in the dappled light under the tree Doyoung reached up into the limbs of the tree to pick out the ripest peaches. They seemed to glow within their foliage as his long, gnarled fingers seeked them out. He carefully placed the fruit he had picked into a basket.


Jungwoo rung a bell at the bottom of the stairs. He looked up the stairs and getting no response, he rung the bell again. Mark was at the desk in his small "new" bedroom transcribing music as a walkman next to his desk lamp played music. He heard the bell and entered the bathroom, the door that connected it to the other room was open.

Johnny slept in the dim light of the sunset. "We're being called to dinner." No answer. Mark entered Johnny's room quietly and reached over to the bookshelf, he took a book from it and thought about his plan for a bit before "accidentally" dropping the book onto the wooden floor. There was no way in hell that he was going to touch the male again.

It made a sharp clatter and Johnny briskly woke up. "Ah.. I'm so sorry but we're being called to dinner." Johnny looked up from his pillow feeling confused, he hardly knew where he was. He looked around for a moment before realising, "Later. I'll have to pass... Can you make my excuses to your mother?" Johnny spoke, his voice deep and groggy.

Mark nodded as he backed out of the door with the book in his hands. Johnny looked around the room again and when Mark was about to shut the door he spoke, "So, this is usually your room?" Mark nodded again. "Thanks buddy." Johnny turned and went back to sleep, his first day of six long weeks at the villa spent on sleeping. Mark closed the door, leaving the room in almost complete darkness.

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