Meeting the Batman (Arc 1)

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Arc 1, Son of Batman

League of Assassin Training Camp
11:23 a.m.

Third POV

Camera slowly flies over the clouds. At one point, camera goes through one of the clouds. When camera went through the cloud, at the other end, it showed clear sky without any clouds. Down below were seen mountains and between those mountains there was located one of many League of Assassin's training camps. At the moment, around 300 soliders were training and 3 people watched them on the balcony.

Those 3 people were masters Shiva and Cain and between those 2 great masters stood Y/N Al Ghul. At some point, young Al Ghul raised his right hand and shouted everyone to stop and stay in their current position. Master Cain had small smirk on his face and was impressed while Master Shiva had neutral face but was glad that her student was improving.

Your POV

I jumped down from the balcony and started walking to the courtyard where soliders where staying in same position like statues expect for one. I walked up to the solider who made mistake.

You: You need to turn your body little bit to your right more so you can kick higher. Did i made myself clear?

I asked him and he just bowed but i knew he was sweating Under that black mask. I started to turn around and go back to my place when i noticed both of my master looking at me dissapointed and angry, and i knew why. Because of mercy. I mentally sighed about what i was going to do next. I quickly drew my sword from my back and turned around slicing that soliders chest.

You: Always be prepared and never leave your gaurd down!

When solider managed to regained his balanced, he bowed at me.

You: Good, make another mistake and you will have few broken bones to worry about.

After i lectuared him, i turned around and returned back to my place on the balcony. In corner of my eyes i saw both of my masters having neutral expression but i knew they were smiling mentally. I sighed and continued watching soliders training for another few hours.


Right now i was meditating in garden surrounded by various flowers and trees. This place always gived me peace to rest after hours of training which would mentally break a mind of normal person. But peace didn't last long. In matter of secends i turned around and grabbed the sword with my bare hands. With all of the force i managed to make at the moment, i raised my hands which were holding the sword into the air and since holder of the sword didn't loose grip on the sword, i throwed them both over my head on other side of the garden. After that action, attacker got up from the floor and replied.

Talia: It appears the student has surpassed the master hasn't it?

My mother replied in proud voice to me.

You: I'm sure i surpassed you 2 years ago, mother.

I replied in neutral and sarcastic voice. If she didn't favour my younger brother Damian over me, she would have already noticed my progress.

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