Juvie? That's easy. Boys? Now that's a Problem

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Liliana c: By Liliana c: Completed
After murdering her best friend's rapists, Avery Scarlett, is sent to Juvie. She thinks things could be worse, but what she doesn't know is that Juvie is only filled with boys! And she's the only girl..
I know karate, taikwondo, jujutsu, and a bunch of other dangerous words
if that happen to my sister or brother i will probably do the same thing. i believe all rapist and child molesters, and serial killers should be sentence to death. anyway great story!
would you mind if i used an intro similar to yours in my story?
Yikes! it scared mejus a little, but tht's the whole point isn't it? to catch readers and pull them in? i think so anway:)
I see many laughs ahead. Adrian and Chaos are hilarious. Lmao!
ROFL!!! xD man with those three i wouldn't mind Juvie! xD  I will read more!!!