Two For The Blood

Things have quieted down. Eric Northman is bored and still mourns the death of Godric as the months go by and still Sookie still has not given herself to him. But will everything change once someone new arrives in town? Will Eric be able to handle her? Will she be the one to finally be able to tame him?
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that letter was <3 loved it and I love this story. YOU GET A VOTE! you get a vote! you get a vote! and i fanned you :3
I have read this entire story and I am eager to begin book 2.  Please let me know what to look for!
YOU GOT IT WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!! APPIUS LIVIUS OCELLA IS HIS MAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like this! I am a fan of True Blood and I wanted to read some fan fiction. I like the character you created in Violet.
o.O I mean it was a comment before me but it just disappeared O_O ; yeah i think Im going insane, sorry lol
lol I had a wtf look on my face when it said at the beginning "Put your story text here" lmgbo

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