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Eclipse119 By Eclipse119 Updated 2 years ago
Kaylee Black was just a normal seventeen year old girl. Her life was normal, nothing creepy--until her Junior prom. Learning a devastating secret about her best friend, turns her world completely upside down and puts all of their lives in jeopardy. Where can they go? How can they fight? There's only one option--and it's a horrifying thought to all of them. Nothing they can do except run. Forever.
ChristopherMarrow ChristopherMarrow 3 years ago
Nice! I usually love paranormal horror. This is really great! ^_^
wattyrevieews wattyrevieews 3 years ago
The ending blew me away. Same with all the emotions coming off the main character. Her thoughts were very believable. I could easily see this scene as a movie scene, great description.
justdidit justdidit 3 years ago
Oh a werewolf romance! I love them! Great first chapter! Can't wait to read the rest! :)
BrittanyKenway BrittanyKenway 3 years ago
Yes! I love werewolf stories! So far this is well written and in the end makes the reader simply HAVE to read the next one.
1AnonymousGirl 1AnonymousGirl 3 years ago
This is really intriguing! At first I thought you were using "I" a lot which is something that really annoys me xD but I see that I was wrong. Great prologue, I'm not much of a werewolf fan but it's still able to hook me!
michelle94 michelle94 3 years ago
@Eclipse119 loved this so far its brill its very well written makes me want to read on voted :)