Gracie May Howards is a brat.  She's mean, and she not very smart at all.  But she has that personality that's strong that you can't say no to.  She is rather naive when it comes to guys. She really doesn't know anything about love, about accomplishments, and feeling good about what you do, until she meets her arrogant, rude, straight forward, mean Tutor.
Mines either grey slacks or navy blue shirt.... With white dress shirt and navy blue tie... It's alright but rather it be black.
If I told this to my mum, I'd probably be 6 feet under or be hit with a chancla 
your uniform is better than mine; I have to wear black tights, black shoes, a navy blue jumper with yellow stripes at the wrist and neck lines, a white blouse and basically a loose pencil skirt *cries*
if she's not gettin rid of it I'm imagining it in a diffrent way lmao it seems horrible
guys me and my boyfriend broke up and ive been sitting reading on wattpad all day and im in a better mood rn thank god for wattpad
good thing my uniform isn't like that tho. *pats back* you'll be fine.