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Gracie May Howards is a brat. She's mean, and she not very smart at all. But she has that personality that's strong that you can't say no to. She is rather naive when it comes to guys. She really doesn't know anything about love, about accomplishments, and feeling good about what you do, until she meets her arrogant, rude, straight forward, mean Tutor.
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Everyone doesn't like her and it gets annoying , this is just the beginning .. Like seriously , she is a FICTIONAL character ugh
My Mom would literally beat me with a shoe if I talked to her like that 
Mexican Moms smh
Ugh what a pain. If I was her Mom. Let's just say she wouldn't be with us today... lol jk :D
I don't know why people likes getting pierced, seriously, for me, its disgusting. Naaaasty. Jeeeez
Lmao three seconds of spring…that was good. :) no disrespect 5sos
@floatinganchors she made a comment on lip piercings and not a person from three seconds of spring

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