The Marriage and Baby Project - A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction

"Rosie Moore. You will be partnered with....." He waved his hands around above a piece of paper while covering his eyes. JUST TELL ME! "Louis Tominson" I actually started laughing. "You're joking right?" The whole class was silent apart from a few 'oohs' started by Zayn Malik. Another one of the populars. There's basically five boys I can't stand in this school. Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and the devil himself Louis Tomlinson. Now i'm freaking married to the guy. I've been partnered with my rival Louis Tomlinson in The Marriage and Baby Project...
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Nu-uh! Nialls awesome so shut it!!! *cries for five hours while covering ears and chanting "nialler is awesome"*
What if u take it home and the doll is facing you while U r changing... That teachers will see.
oh gosh- everyones so offended. im a louis girl and im not even mad....except i would definately pull him to me and not spit in his face....
It was too far but it's only a fanfic it's not like it actually happened in real life
You. (Hope yah knew what I mean. I, like, have bunches of like grammar mistakes or whatever.
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you mean that sexy popular douche Niall?????? You meant SEXAY.

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