Thirty Day Writing Challenge! ✮

THE THIRTY DAY WRITING CHALLENGE! Basically 30 letters to 30 people :) After I'm done with the challenge, I'll probably upload random rants or anything on here for fun asdfghkdjfhk
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I'm starting to become obsessed with all these challenges- I find it quite refreshing to do them :) I think I shall be starting this one today hopefully
*GASP* I did one of those crayon melting things like on the cover once. It's awesome.
oh my gosh! awhhh i was literaly like :0 when i saw that he came to school with a gf.. well that stinks
so i finally made a wattpad & decided to read this.
youre reading your kiss scene to me right now on the phone
"it felt so goooood"

oh you knowww <3
PS..mhmm how about i start writing about this day 2 challenge ;) u get my drift ;P
aww i think i brought a tear to my eye :P lol..cute tho..i like how its like a story line from the beginning to recenttt...cute cute me gusttaa :)

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