Thirty Day Writing Challenge! ✮

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queensley By queensley Updated 2 years ago
THE THIRTY DAY WRITING CHALLENGE! Basically 30 letters to 30 people :) After I'm done with the challenge, I'll probably upload random rants or anything on here for fun asdfghkdjfhk
Cathy_Prower Cathy_Prower 3 months ago
@Cathy_Prower  haha i probably won't, cause of the one fanfic i gotta finish and collab k e im doing with a couple people
__gone__ __gone__ a year ago
I'd love to try this! The only thing I'd ask is if maybe you could post the list in a comment so I could copy and paste it? Cause it won't let me when it's in the story form :)
MissQuackers MissQuackers 2 years ago
I'm starting to become obsessed with all these challenges- I find it quite refreshing to do them :) I think I shall be starting this one today hopefully
3point1415 3point1415 3 years ago
*GASP* I did one of those crayon melting things like on the cover once. It's awesome.
damonfizzy damonfizzy 4 years ago
so i finally made a wattpad & decided to read this.
youre reading your kiss scene to me right now on the phone
"it felt so goooood"

oh you knowww <3
freshay freshay 4 years ago
haha lol i cud kinda tell its at the apple store lolll..see you tomoroow? :)