Fading (Larry Stylinson AU)

Harry Styles can see ghosts. He’s been able to see them ever since he was 6 years old and nearly died after a car accident. Ghosts come to him to ask for help so that they can rest in peace knowing that the unfinished work they were still on Earth for had been finished. But one day, a ghost by the name of Louis Tomlinson comes to him. Harry and Louis have no idea what his unfinished work is but slowly, Harry begins to fall for Louis, even though Louis’ a ghost. WARNING: if you're one of those people who pick on stories being too "Carroty" you'll hate this story. I wrote this around the beginning of their world-wide fame (around 2012) when Up All Night had only just recently been released and they were still doing video diaries so please bear with it! If I wrote this now, it would obviously not be like this but I didn't so bear with it! Cover by @that1Dcrazymofo © 2013, @bex_the_box ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
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kako je odmah povjerovala da vidi duhove a nije uzela u razmatranje da nije dobar s glavom
i have no idea why but i was reading it like it was his father so i was confused by "his" words xp
It my son said that I would think he's messing around or pretending to have an imaginary friend.
This sounds like a good book already, I know it's an older one but at the same time it doesn't sound like it's in that normal range of Larry books.
Hope you like it love <3
There was 69 comments so I'm making it 70! I LOVE THIS STORY AND ITS JUST THE DESCRIPTION!

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