Don't Touch

Greg Allen is or...was an average Canadian teenage boy. Until one day he and his girlfriend got a little too steamy in his room, and she was terribly poisoned by his touch. Blaming himself for her death, Greg goes on the run to America. There he meets two strange teens who keep calling him a Devil. Thrown into a strange world he never knew of, much less believed in. Greg joins the two teens on a mission to find out why he has a toxic touch, and why these Devils are so obsessed with capturing him.
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@CrimsonJessie yeah but AMERICA is a CONTINENT not a country.maybe you are referring to the U.S. so no I'm not a retard
@theheartofstella You're right, Canada is in America. Since "America" is the name of the "Continent" in which Canada is located. Geographically correct.
@theheartofstella No your retard, Canada is a COUTRY why else would people from there be called CANADIANS not AMERICANS
@theheartofstella err it really isn't, if it was, Canadians would be called Americans.... uh duh!
Im having a contest with a friend to see who can get more likes on there story. Please read it and vote if you like it!
One of the best stories I've ever read! It really adds something for me that he lives in Winnipeg, b/c that's where I live there!

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