New profile pic would be Greg (David Lambert) and Jake (Drew Roy)

I'm bi just saying up front so you know.
Okay now that that's said, I consider my writing skills a 2 out of 10 (creativity at maybe a 6)
I SUCK at grammer and people love to remind me
Spelling ain't my strong suit either
I like to read hence the account <,<
I repeat myself over and over until I feel you've acknowledged me
favorite band is blink 182
don't mind trolls since i too live under a bridge
absolutely HATE any and all pop stars/music 

AND if youre a GRAMMAR NAZI and message me about how my grammar bugs you READ THIS NEXT PART SLOWLY... I DONT WANT AN EDITOR!!!!!!  Everything i write is for rebel writers who dont have or cant get a editor SO SUCK IT UP AND IGNORE THE GRAMMAR MISTAKES (chances are theyre there on purpose just for you)

     ^^^sounds like troll^^^........O.o

Anyway I'm not a great person to ask for advice on editing and stuff of that nature, but if you want an honest reveiw I'll give you one. Fair warning I won't be nice, if I like it then I like. If I don't than I don't. <<<#1 in a story catagory [X]  1000 fans [  ]

200,000 reads [X]  Make it in the Watty Awards [  ]

Love @Not_Nerd_but_OMGBOOK (she's dope)
Love @SourGummyWorms (he my boo, and NO we're not gay)
Buds with @Elvin95 (good idea person)
 idea advisor @Sorryhoneyiatethesun

@Serene_Shadow aka My new favorite author :D

@SoCcErChIcK33 for being a good book-cover-maker :D

Things that I'll be working on this year:
Death Stands Alone: Action Fic. based on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
Leon Pride: Modern demon hunter story.
Devil's Touch: Sequel to Don't Touch
Dawn of Vengence: Solitude rewrite
Clandestence: Urban legend story

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Leon Pride

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Description: Meet Lauren Miller a slightly uptight and overly studious college student in Washington DC, 100 years into the future when humans and demons live side by side. But unlike every other person she's ever met Lauren wishes to study demons and someday ho...

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Check With Jay

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They say he stalks the shadows, awaiting any and all who stray to far from the light. That he comes to y...

Devil's Touch

Devil's Touch

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Sequel to Don't Touch and Book Two of the fan-dubbed Touch Series. Its been nearly a month since Greg Al...

Dawn of Vengeance

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PhyschoBob posted a message

Soooo... Jay. How's Chapter 14 of Leon Pride coming along? o.o I swear, even though it's unedited and in some parts I was like "wuuutt" before I read it over a couple times, the story was super good. Carny is my favorite Character so far. So, now, I'm just sitting here... wondering when the next Chapter is gonna be out?