New profile pic would be Greg (David Lambert) and Jake (Drew Roy)

I consider my writing skills a 6 out of 10 (creativity at maybe a 8)
I SUCK at grammer and people love to remind me
Spelling ain't my strong suit either
I like to read hence the account
I repeat myself over and over until I feel you've acknowledged me
favorite band is blink 182
don't mind trolls since i too live under a bridge
absolutely HATE any and all pop stars/music 

     ^^^sounds like troll^^^........O.o

Anyway I'm not a great person to ask for advice on editing and stuff of that nature, but if you want an honest reveiw I'll give you one.  And although I'll read just about anything PLEASE no fanfics about those 5 british twerps. :)

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Reach #1 in a story catagory [X]  1000 fans [  ]

200,000 reads [X]  Make it in the Watty Awards [  ]

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Things that I'll be working on this year:
Death Stands Alone: Action Fic. based on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
Leon Pride: Modern demon hunter story.
Devil's Touch: Sequel to Don't Touch
Dawn of Vengence: Solitude rewrite
Clandestence: Urban legend story
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Description: Meet Lauren Miller a slightly uptight and overly studious college student in Washington DC, 100 years into the future when humans and demons live side by side. But unlike every other person she's ever met Lauren wishes to study demons and someday ho...

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Heey so i'm going through old comments because I'm starting to get my mind back into Greg's world and I came across yours and I was amazed I hadn't responded. So to answer your thing with Sixx try and put yourself in his shoes, he REALLY hates the Devil hunting life. He tried to break free of it at the beginning of this book and was doing good until Ryan dragged him back into it by telling him Sonya was in danger. Sonya is the one person Sixx truly, deeply cares about and is the reason behind his leaving the Devil hunter life. So when I was writing this that's the point I was trying and apparently fail at getting across lol. Sixx isn't there willingly he wants to get Sonya away from anything Devil which includes Greg, flannery and even himself which may or may not be an issue in the next and final instalment of this story. HOPE that answered our question about six!
blue_jay commented on Devil's Touch - NOT A CHAPTER

heeey I thought I answered this the day after you posted this but apparently not :/ Anyway I'm not too sure about whether or not the voting is still open but go up to the orange bar at the top of the screen and click on Discover then go down to Awards and just follow the steps they give you