Around the World [A Liam Payne Romance]

Mikayla Ryder is an aspiring musician who wants nothing more than to visit America, where she was born. When One Direction's guitarist can't go on the international summer tour, Mikayla is the back-up that finally gets to live her dream and visit America. All Mikayla thinks she has to do is play the guitar parts during the concerts as a one-way ticket to travel the world, but she quickly finds herself doing something that she forbid herself to do: fall in love with Liam Payne.
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I am so stupid. I have like 5 stories going at one time. Im trying to juggle it but it gets so dern hard. Lucky!!
I just read the challenge and it was great so I came and read this and it is already awesome
yus this is perfect as im a liams girl and my name is mikayla O.0 thank you so much haha
the beginning of the story was perfect thank you for the starter cant wait for the rest of the story to come
Yay so happy to start your Liam story (; i am an forever will be a Liam girl no matter how much a absolutely am in love with the other boys <3
Hello could u please update on the zayn malik someone differnet story please?Xxx

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