Around the World [A Liam Payne Romance]

Mikayla Ryder is an aspiring musician who wants nothing more than to visit America, where she was born. When One Direction's guitarist can't go on the international summer tour, Mikayla is the back-up that finally gets to live her dream and visit America. All Mikayla thinks she has to do is play the guitar parts during the concerts as a one-way ticket to travel the world, but she quickly finds herself doing something that she forbid herself to do: fall in love with Liam Payne.
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I don't believe you can own a person, legally, Especially a much desired celebrity like Liam.
Uhhhhhhhhhh. Mah BAE Liam don't have any flaws. 

And lady, ten feet away from Liam at all times, yah hear? He belongs to me.
This reminds me of that Jenna Marbles video about the airport for some reason hahaha...
Yamas only lick once: YOLO!!! Look up Yama if you don't know what it is HEHEHEHE.
I played that with a friend of mine before, but we only drank Iced Tea because, one we're at school, and two we're not allowed to drink.
how will liam fall in love with her? I mean, hes with danielle. Will they break up?
And team miam all the way.

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