Yummy (A steamy Larry Stylinson fanfic)

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Pinksugar1Dkisses By Pinksugar1Dkisses Updated 2 years ago
Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are in One Direction together. They are best friends, just like every other boy in the band. Soon they realize that they may have feelings for each other......... what happens??Lots of fans suspect Larry Stylinson ...... but what else happens behind the scenes? Narry? Lilo? Niam ? Ziam ?what's going on?
     Stay tuned for an extremely steamy and hot story. ;)    (should be rated.... ummmm R or Nc- 17) haha 
    check it out..... :)
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Haha my 2 time to read this story.... Just as you know, this was the first fanfic i ever read
Omg this was the first book I ever read larry related and I was so long ago and I love it so much I cri
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Wasn't Harry openly Bi before Modest! or something? nice fic doe
this is literally the first fanfic i ever read this literally made me become a larry shipper