Yummy (A steamy Larry Stylinson fanfic)

Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are in One Direction together. They are best friends, just like every other boy in the band. Soon they realize that they may have feelings for each other......... what happens??Lots of fans suspect Larry Stylinson ...... but what else happens behind the scenes? Narry? Lilo? Niam ? Ziam ?what's going on? Stay tuned for an extremely steamy and hot story. ;) (should be rated.... ummmm R or Nc- 17) haha check it out..... :)
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Its not very often you get a Larry Stylinson fanfic where they are still in One Direction and famous, this is my favorite one.
No, there not gay. But its a fan fiction, fiction is when its made up. But it is a truly brilliant book, this is my 2nd time reading.
I am a full on larry shipper and there is a buntch of proof they love love each other
Flippity yay!~ Larry forever! *sighs content* I love forcing men into gay relationships.
I read all of these in one day. :). These boys make me cry and what they have is so real. Well written.
I followed you but I can't see chapters 22 and 26.. I'm not GONNa read this if I can't see the whole thing..

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