Desire (Kakashi)

Crazy and wild, four teenagers are transferred into the world of Naruto and found by a certain sexy silver-haired ninja. Warning: Funny situations, mild cursing (that's a lie --there will probably be a lot), and A LOT of fluff.
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Half human half feline, usually human with cat ears tails and cat senses and traits
@Tstar456 SAME!! it wasn't until my cousins told me I was saying it wrong for like 6 months
......people with cat like ears on top of their heads....a tail pretty much that
Moo reminds me of Zabuza ^_^ (just the name I no hes not a panda thats gaaras job)
Thank you for putting that there, im not very bright when it comes to names. I pronounced deidara's name wrong for a year XD
For Edit: 

Good god I need to go back in and rewrite this. This would probably be the prologue.

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