Deidara's delicate Dove (A Deidara love story)

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Calienia By Calienia Updated a year ago
Miu is a sweet little angel girl who has yet to grow her wings. She is an earth bound angel and is to remain that way until her human ties are cut. What will happen when Miu is taken to the Akatsuki base? Will she grow her wings? Will she fall in love? Will the Akatsuki teach her bad thing? Will Miu's personality change? Find out in Deidara's delicate Dove (A Deidara love story)

This story ended up 1st in the first Summer NarutoWattyAwards 2012 :3
Pointless_Soul Pointless_Soul a month ago
Oh god, I love your observing skill,, I would've never figured that out! *sarcasm* (But I still love you Sasori!)
Pointless_Soul Pointless_Soul a month ago
Tobi... Miu... 0.o I know which two will make great friends...
KaitlynLoveHearts KaitlynLoveHearts 4 months ago
yay her and Tobi are gonna get along just fine and my real name is Miu what a coincidence
raindropskittles raindropskittles a year ago
awwww ^0^ ! you are great! this so cute! shes just like tobi! ^0^
alliway alliway 2 years ago
Awwww! So cute! She and Tobi should get along just fine!~^ ^
JcJones0 JcJones0 2 years ago
whre did you get the idea of an angel i love angels if u look at my pic ANGELS <