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Louisse By Louisse Completed
They live on the same floor. They attend the same luxurious school. They have the same friends. They couldn't stand each other. And just when she thought she could get away from him, they end up being on the same band.

Could life get any more worse?

Oh, that's right. He, the coldest arrogant jerk, is also the most handsome guy she had ever set eyes on. That's definitely saying something, living on the Upper East Side.

Now, she faces her biggest problem of all.

Differentiating LOVE from HATE.

Read the story of a group of friends as they realize life's most endearing aspects: Friendship, Family, Love, and Growing Up

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**I guess you could say this is Gossip Girl in rainbow land, without all the drama and scandal. Only humorous and fun.**
Was she not wealthy b4? She moved thee and ...boom! She's rich!
School life is amazing. It's hard but there is so little pressure on you. I'm not talking bout school work-I'm talking bout life probkems
I never met a Janice so whenever I hear the name I always think if the Janice in friends so Thts how I'm imagining her!
Arrange the marriage secretly and tell them once they're comfortable with each other XD
Makes u wanna go back to school? Da fûck? U finally got away from That blood batt n u wanna go back?! R u alright? Or r u crazy cuz I wanna know!
is alex a sister or a brother from another mother? err! haha