Just One Night

UPDATE: This story is the original work, however there is now an edited version on my page so PLEASE check that one out after/before/instead of this one!!!! “Here’s what I want you to do,” I began, trailing my hands up his muscular body to wrap my arms around his neck. “I want you to do me, and do me hard. Then, I want you to let me go and never mention this to anyone.” Taylor Quessie is tired of being a virgin. Everyone tells her she should wait until she meets someone special, someone she’s in love with, but she can’t. Every time a guy tells her he’s fallen for her, she has a panic attack and breaks up with them. So now she’s resorting to desperate measures. Cameron Riter is the school’s player. He sleeps around, constantly takes girls v-cards, and screws around with their hearts. When Taylor asks him for help, he can’t help but accept. So what happens when, the next morning, he realizes he doesn’t want to let her go? **Used to be The Player Who Took My Virginity**
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I don't believe in true love... if u haven't noticed by my name,so I with u... when ever guys says they are in "love" with me im done.....
I find it ironic how her mom is a therapist but Taylor still doesn't know how to fix her commitment issues....I now they aren't close but still......yeah
I see myself in taylor. I don't like commitments and i freak out whenever someone confesses. 
It's a good story :)
it's funny when girls like boys who are nice but they attract the ass one's while some other girls like jackass' but attracts the opposite of who they want.
So many people say girls are emotional but I think guys only say because they don't want admit they are the true emotional wrecks
@Pinky0902 that was the most stupidest question u could ever ask this is a book none of this is real how is he/she going to see a fake person in Michigan

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