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The hottie next door *A MindlessBehavior love story-Starring You* (Complete)


Your POV:


After I told The Boys about my engagement. They all Looked heartbroken. It honestly made me feel heartbroken.  

I haven't had a Phone call from Any Of them. :(

But Now Its Been A Year. And The Wedding is In a Month. I honestly will say,

I love Jaden More then All 4 of them. Wait Do I?


I shook the thought out of my head and brushed My New Dyed Blonde Hair. Yurp, I dyed my hair Blonde. And I LOVE it.


Not Only that, But I started to just stick with wearing Color contacts Instead Of Clear.


I'm Still A Virgin, I will be that for a Loooonnng time. I mean I will lose it, But just not now.


I stand up from my chair that was infront of my Makeup Mirror. I walked to my dresser and dropped the Robe on the bed. I pulled out Some Lacey Black Underwear From V-Secrets.

I slid on Some Black Tights That had White hands on my butt, And Some cuts in lines on my leg, A Black Cami, My Black Ankle Boots. I grabbed My Armless Leather Jacket and walked to my Mirror.


Black Eyeshadow was on, Some Mascara, And Clear Lip Gloss.


I grabbed My Purse and walked downstairs. I walked Into the kitchen and Saw the twins.

"Morning Girls." I say and kiss both On The Cheek. They smile at me.

"Morning Momma." They say in a union. The chef lays a Cheese omlette infront of me.

Jaden comes downstairs smiling. Someones happy for their birthday.....

"Happy Birthday Baby." I say as I kiss him. Jaden Grabs My waist and kisses me softly on my forehead.

"Thanks Baby." He says and walks to the Twins. He hugs both of them and grabs his Plate fill of pancakes.

"Soooo What Do You want for you birthday?" I ask. Jaden Bites His Lip and looks down at me.

I look down and realise he's talking about.........

Oh My.

"Uh, Nothing really." He says while shruging.

Janelle Smirks. "Mom, Dad wants Sex." She says and walks out with Kanelle.

"Janelle!" Jaden Says. My Mouth hangs open.

Jaden Burst Out laughing. "I think We don't have to worry about telling the twins the bird and bees talk." He says.

I chuckle. "I Guess Not." I say and laugh.

I sit my plate in the sink. I sit on Jaden's Lap. He licks his lips and look at me.

"Serious what do you want on Your Birthday?" I ask.

Jaden Sighs. "Honestly," He starts. I nod. "I want you."

His lips touches mines. I kiss back. I pull away.

"I gotta Go. I have to get to work. I love you." I say and walk out the house.




I run into the wall to be lifted up. My hair flys. The Police sirens sounds, Thats when I start running.


"Chatel! You have to Kill Him...NOW!" The Earpiece says. I nod and run faster.

"Got It." I pull out my gun and climb up the wall. The time the Police serens ends, I'm inside the Palace.

I walk in the room. "Hello Chatel.." Sten says (JayZ). I smirk and throw the Suitcase of 'Money' to him.

"Finally." Sten says. He opens the case.

"Oh, Sten," I start. Sten turns around. "I'll See you in hell." And with that I shoot him in the head.




"AND CUT! WE DID IT WE FINISH IT!" Marc says. I giggle and help JayZ up.

"Your a good actress." JayZ says. I nod. "You too." I say and start walking away.

"Hey! Wait, Look we need someone like you in our-"

"Look Dude, I'm Not into the whole Devil workship Shit, So just please don't come to me with it. Ok? Good." I snap and walk off.


I take a deep breath as I hear Jaden's Car pull up. I slowly put my 7inch heels on.

"Hey, baby- Woah!" Jaden says as His eyes looks me up and down. I lick my lips and walk to him.

He holds my waist. My silk see through, black robe hangs. "Your wish has been granted." I say and pull off the robe. Leaving me naked.

Jaden starts taking off his clothes qiuck. I chuckle and lay on the bed.

He finally is naked. He leans to me and kiss me. I wrap my legs around his waist. Jaden moans as I suck on his Neck


I wake Up naked, wrapped In Jaden's Arms. I bite my lip and remember everything that happened. Holy shit. I lost my Virginity.

I smile and trace Jaden's 8 pack. Jaden slowly wakes Up.

"Hey babe." Jaden says and pulls me ontop of him. I blush and kiss him.

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