Chapter 14

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“Brush your hand against mine.”

“Put your arm around me.”

“Rest your head on my shoulder.”

“Pull me closer.”

“Act embarrassed, Pritchard.”

“Act smug, Styles. Oh, wait… You don’t need to act.”

As a camera flashed to our right, Harry shrugged my head off his shoulder to shoot me a grin. “That was uncalled for. But you’re learning fast.”

“I’m getting used to the cameras,” I explained, but I returned his grin anyway.

To our left, the other boys were also posing for photos, as well as talking to the fans and signing autographs. They looked amazing in their dark suits and vests, but I couldn’t look at them too much; if I was caught oogling at those four boys in too many photos, the fans would get suspicious for sure.

Harry, however, I could stare at as much as I pleased. That proved to be pretty lucky on my part, since he looked unbelievably sexy with his tailored black blazer and tousled dark hair. The black dress the boys’ stylists had given me was cute as well – it was short, sleeveless and simple – but I knew I was only wearing it to match Harry. Less is more, the stylists had said. I guess I agreed with their logic, but when it came to looking good, I knew I could do better than a plain dress, thin eyeliner and lazy waves in my loose hair.

“That must be our last interviewer,” Liam told us, pointing to a tall man over by the crowd of fans. He was talking to a woman holding a professional television camera, and they were both dressed up in dark pants and blue dress shirts.

“I recognise him,” I said to the boys, who were all gazing over at the man now. “He’s the host of a popular late night show. He usually shows up when celebrities are in town.”

The man looked up and caught sight of our group, and he started beckoning to us excitedly. When the other boys grinned and made their way across the cinema lobby to see him, Harry slid his arm around my waist to lead me along, but I shook my head.

“No, you’re not making me sit through another interview,” I said firmly.

He folded his arms across his chest, but kept a smile on his lips for the benefit of the cameras around us. “You have a part to play, remember?”

“I also have a bladder to empty,” I joked, and when he raised an eyebrow at me, I jerked my thumb toward the Ladies’ Room.

“You’re disgusting,” he chuckled. “Don’t take too long.”

I gave him a sultry smile, then I brought my lips to his and gave him a feathery kiss. It still felt strange to kiss him – especially since I had only done it a couple of times, and one of them was while I was drunk – but I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy our playful little pecks.

As he turned to join the other boys, I faced the other way and hurried to the bathroom. I didn’t really need to go, but the endless interviews with the same monotonous questions were beginning to bore me. I guessed this interview would take around ten minutes, so after walking into the small Ladies Room, I set my purse down on one of the sinks and pulled out my lip gloss.