The Cookie Girl (One Direction)

Cassie is used to meeting the rich and famous; after all, she works at one of the most prestigious hotels in the country. But when some mysterious new guests check in to the hotel and Cas has to handle their room service, she meets 5 boys who accidentally change her life forever...
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@MrsCullen04032000 i could've been Jonny Depp (thats how you write his name right?)
Every book I have looked at today by chance had the name Cassie somewhere In It I swear its a sign because that's my name
When she said the food that they ordered i was like \'im preatty sure its niall\' lol
When will you update? I check my wattpad everyday to see if you have updated and when you haven't it makes me sad ;(
OMDoubleG my name is Cassie seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehe sorry that was kinda out there...   :|
you have great sense of humor. :) im falling in love with harry here :) x Haha. Team harrehh! :)) Update! Update!

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Name Rach (:
Location < in his pants, right?
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