Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Shawn took long strides as he walked up the steps. It wasn't long until Emmy began falling behind. Panting, Emmy stopped, wiping the sweat off her forehead. The blistering California sun was making her natural ivory skin sizzle. Emmy groaned, she had forgotten to wear sunscreen. She was going to look like a lobster by the end of the day.

"Something wrong?" Shawn frowned staring worriedly at her as he closed the distance between them. "Are you sick?" Their foreheads were almost touching, up close Emmy could see a set of freckles across Shawn's nose. Emmy could feel her heart leaping inside her chest, not in a million years would she have imagined speaking to someone like Shawn or Shawn at all.

"I forgot to put sun lotion on." Emmy blurted, the intense gaze Shawn was giving her disconcerted her.

"That's it?" He unzipped is backpack, shuffling things aside. Emmy could hear the faint crumbling of paper, probably the homework Shawn had not done. "Here," he handed her a container, Emmy looked suspiciously at the creamy white substance in it.

"What is this?" Emmy lifted the container pushing it back towards him.

"Its sun lotion or as normal people call it, sunscreen," his eyes twinkled as he said the last part.

She blushed, she had said sun lotion, how much more lame could she get?

"You carry sun...screen?" Emmy asked, speaking slowly?

He shrugged nonchalantly, "who doesn't?"


He smiled, "Touche."

"Erm, thanks though." She opened the containers, grabbing a reasonable amount before applying it on herself.

"Shawn!" The same boys who had pushed her only moments ago appeared at the schools entrance. "Hurry it up, we have practice!"

"I better get going," he swung his backpack over. "No, keep it." He pressed the sunscreen back to her, "You need it more." He flashed Emmy a dazzling smile, before running up the steps to meet his friends. Emmy smiled widely, holding the container tightly, she had something that belonged to Shawn, something that most of his fan girls would kill to have.

"Shawn Davis did what?" Beatrice, Emmy's best and only friend, asked through a mouthful of food, so it sounded more like 'shaw debi di wha."

Emmy rolled her eyes, unscrewing the lid on her water bottle. "He told me to keep the sunscreen because I need it more than he did, which is kind of true." Emmy gulped a mouthful of water, sneaking a glance at Shawn who sat in the middle table of the cafeteria. It was lunch hour and Emmy had been sneaking glances at Shawn for over half an hour now. He just looked so gorgeous when he tossed his head back laughing, it reminded Emmy of lions on the nature channel, both equally fascinating.

"You are not being so subtle." Beatrice laughed, crushing her coca cola can. "Oh here comes Kenneth." Kenneth passed by their table followed by the pentathalon members, they all beamed, except for Kenneth who was glaring at Emmy. The team was about to sit down, before Kenneth shook his head.

"Over there," he said stiffly, going three tables down.

"What is up with him? Looks like he has a stick up his-"

Emmy cut her off, "I broke up with him this morning."

Beatrice gaped. "What?!"

Emmy shrugged, "We have been rocky for ages now, so I thought it would be better to end it."

"Good," Beatrice smiled, "You deserve way better. Wont it be awkward though since you are both on the Pentathalon team?"