Short Stories

Short stories are works of brief narrative prose, which usually focus on a limited number of characters and a single, decisive plot incident. Significantly shorter and more compact than novels, short stories leave the reader with a snapshot or slice of life.

Joke Book

Joke Book

156 parts / 5 pages, updated Oct 30, 2014PG-13
This is where you can laugh at 3 am in the morning or having a crappy day. Tweet me your favorite joke on @vintagesparrowx (#1 in short story october 5 & #6 in humor oc... read more
5,025,045 reads votes 161,475 comments 14,793
Stolen Jerseys

Stolen Jerseys

36 parts / 91 pages, updated Oct 28, 2014PG-13
"she stole his jersey everyday before practice." in which one sarcastic girl gives a too-cocky guy lessons in hockey, and things turn into so much more.
2,235,875 reads votes 54,127 comments 7,816
Let's Rant

Let's Rant

73 parts / 52 pages, updated Oct 30, 2014PG
i write what you're thinking.
3,073,180 reads votes 77,561 comments 43,109
Lost in You #1 | Dance with You #2

Lost in You #1 | Dance with You #2

8 parts / 14 pages, updated Oct 24, 2014PG-13Pictures
Megan Carter has been harboring a crush on her best friend Aiden Rowe ever since she turned seventeen. So when the lights go out on New Year’s Eve just bef... read more
788,781 reads votes 18,364 comments 4,323
The Alpha's Seduction

The Alpha's Seduction

33 parts / 50 pages, updated Oct 23, 2014PG-13Completed
“You’re such a conceited, arrogant bastard!” In a heartbeat, he had my back against the wall. “I’m your conceited, arrogant bastard,” he countered intensely. He w... read more
880,748 reads votes 15,508 comments 1,189
Riptide « Ziall

Riptide « Ziall

15 parts / 27 pages, updated Oct 26, 2014Pictures
Zayn thinks they should wait at least another four years, once they're stable in their careers to start thinking about bringing kids into the picture but Niall wants... read more
96,845 reads votes 4,583 comments 1,130
V e l v e t  V e s t s

V e l v e t V e s t s

3 parts / 6 pages, updated Oct 28, 2014PG-13Video
He disappears with magic. She sits on her chair all day. But when the two collide... The Ghost of the school and the New Damaged Girl consume in their flaws. © 2014 All rights reserved | Short-Story #9| Romance #38 |
33,347 reads votes 1,498 comments 403 ▲ l.p. ▲ l.p.

22 parts / 4 pages, updated Oct 29, 2014Pictures
❝what's your name, anon?❞ ❝i'm liam.❞ [ h.r: #7 in ss / #21 in ff ]
135,450 reads votes 14,795 comments 2,544


37 parts / 20 pages, updated Oct 28, 2014PG-13Pictures
❝ my heart has become a planet and you are the star it has chosen to orbit.❞ — 'gravity' by Della Hicks-Wilson two-oh-fourteen \\yasmin o.\\
638,958 reads votes 25,543 comments 7,716
Late Nights & Pillow Fights

Late Nights & Pillow Fights

2 parts / 3 pages, updated Oct 27, 2014PG-13
The end of the year is two weeks away, which means it's time for the final project. Baby Project 2.0 Not only will two students need to raise a baby togeth... read more
24,872 reads votes 752 comments 100
Letters From Liz

Letters From Liz

39 parts / 3 pages, updated Oct 29, 2014
Liz meets Cody, a broken boy who is pining for his lost love, Peyton, whom Liz knew when Peyton was alive. Liz has to fight love against loyalty as she tried to remain sober in a world where alcohol rules.
332,651 reads votes 10,651 comments 506
Tumblr. / / hood

Tumblr. / / hood

44 parts / 26 pages, updated Oct 26, 2014PG-13VideoPicturesCompleted
[BOOK 1] He fell in love with her because of her one post in tumblr. [ORIGINAL STORY,STEAL IT AND I'LL KILL YOU] © jyr sudario. {#2 in Short Story #18 in Fan Fiction Jun... read more
909,360 reads votes 33,745 comments 15,595
Comebacks to use ~

Comebacks to use ~

175 parts / 7 pages, updated Oct 27, 2014PG-13
WARNING: A LOT of cussing. If you dont' like cussing/offensive comebacks. DO NOT READ! ©InsaneDemon
3,116,350 reads votes 84,950 comments 7,092
L O L I T A (WattyAwards2014)

L O L I T A (WattyAwards2014)

46 parts / 10 pages, updated Oct 27, 2014PG-13VideoPictures
Lolita - noun ❝ A sexually precocious young girl ❞ Because there's nothing more fun, thrilling and dangerous than being a 14 year old Lolita with London's e... read more
368,424 reads votes 12,579 comments 1,641


72 parts / 13 pages, updated Oct 29, 2014PG-13
Where a girl receives messages from an anonymous passerby who wants to show her the world. © tilmorning.
960,803 reads votes 28,859 comments 1,851
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