Bios never fail to embarrass me, especially when I read it after a long time.

so I joined wattpad in 2011.
Was 17 then and 21 now.
I have learned a lot by writing here.

What else can I say? Till I can recollect something worth writing, that's About Me.
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xSinfullySurrealx xSinfullySurrealx Oct 03, 2011 01:15PM
@WakeMeUpxx yes but I'm not sure about it..
      You so have to read it :-D
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The Terrorist's Girlfriend - No Extraordinary Wishes

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Description: 18 year old April Clark is shocked when she is told that her friends and family do not exist and that she is the girlfriend of the most wanted terrorist. A man she doesn't know, a man she hasn't seen. Unaware...

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