If you knew Ashura_B...hey guys, it's me! I'm back and more insane than ever!!

And here's the thing, I'm not much of a reader. Though I do write, and don't go around fanning me randomly. Read, comment/review, fan/don't fan. That's all you have to do. Three simple steps to pleasing me in wattpad.

- Some of my female protagonists are going to be Named Ashura, I just love that name. It stuck on nicely.
- Can be mean, sarcastic and feisty
- Can be nice... Basically your best friend. :3
-A major fan of mmorpg 3D games
-A major fan of Forgotten Realms chronicle.
-Loves R.A Salvatore, Lisa Smedman and other fantasy authors.
-I like reading fanfiction...ahem...Naruto.
-I'm a fan of the SasuSaku/ItaSaku pairing...suck it haters!!! *insert sarcastic chuckle here*
-Insanity is my middle name.
-Has ever gone to therapy for anything because I think therapy is unnecessary for moi.
-Gets attach to people with a twisted/good sense of humor and can hold an enjoyable conversation.
-Just call me G.
-ask me just about anything andI'll give you a reply (whether it makes sense or not)
-talk to me in the way I consider wrong, I'll go Hysteria Alice with Vorpal Blade on you (Alice Madness Returns reference)
-A mad gamer, also as mad as a hatter. Any problems?
-Be nice to me and your head will be yours to keep, either that or it'll start rolling at my feet.
-Yes, I'm a violent little minx. Crude manners will be dealt with swiftly and as painfully as possible.
- I love funny people, with pure good humor.
- I write in many genre, mostly romance, action, supernatural, horror, adventure ect.
- I write on my phone and no where else :)
- love J-rock/pop and hates K-pop (BITE. ME)

story currently writing and not in release:


Stories currently on release and in progress:


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Love love. Kiss kiss,
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